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Heads Up: Corben art sale, 26 January 2013

More pages from Richard Corben’s personal inventory of original comic art by Richard Corben will go on sale via the “Sales” page on the official Corben website on Saturday 26 January 2013 at noon CST.

Thumbnail images of the pages that will be up for sale are on the site now for preview.

The sale includes thirty (30) pages, which break down into four groups:

  1. pages one to eight of chapter three of Mutant World;
  2. all ten pages of “The Scar” (after H. P. Lovecraft’s “Recognition”), published in the Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft three-issue mini-series and hardcover collection;
  3. the cover and pages thirteen to twenty two from Swamp Thing #20; and
  4. a promotional illustration for Empire of the Dead.

“Buy-it-now” prices for all except the Mutant World pages (which will be “on auction”) will be posted when the sale goes live.

More details about the auction of the Mutant World pages will be posted on Corben’s “Sales” page on Saturday 26 January 2013.

Heads Up! · Richard Corben

Heads Up: Corben Art Sale, 17 November 2012

It was announced by email yesterday that another batch of original comic-art pages by Richard Corben will go on sale via the official Corben website on Saturday 17 November 2012 at noon CST. Thumbnail images of the pages are on the site now for preview.

Available art includes 12 pages from Swamp Thing, vol. 4, no. 20 (“Little Runaway”; Vertigo, Dec. 2005), all 8 pages of “Full Moon Killer Strikes Again” from Will Eisner’s The Spirit #7 (DC, Dec. 2010), 4 Rip in Time spot illustrations, and 7 pages from chapter 3 of the Strnad/Corben classic, Mutant World. All art is in black and white.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the live sale begins, pages are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis: “the first person to complete the shopping cart, gets the page.”

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Look Here: Another fantasy novel with cover art by Richard Corben

I purchased The Point Man by Stephen Englehart for three bucks from a local seller of used books last weekend, and not because the author is a well-known comics writer. No, the reason I bought the book is because the cover art is by Richard Corben, and although the painting is, frankly, not one of his best efforts, I’m enough of a Corben collector that I couldn’t pass it up. Of course, the fact that the book is a first edition, and in great condition, was also a factor…


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Happy Birthday, Richard Corben!

Richard Corben is 72 years old today. And to the delight of his many fans, he continues to draw and paint with undiminished enthusiasm and skill. Now if only Corben would allow Fantagraphics (or anyone else who would do a proper job of it) to publish a complete hardcover collection of his underground and self-published comics!

In celebration of Corben’s birthday, here are the front and back covers of the Den graphic albums, published by the artist’s own Fantagor Press and scanned by me from my very own copies:

Rock on, Gore. Rock on.

Keywords: Den, Neverwhere, Muvovum, Children of Fire, Dreams, Elements.

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Congratulations to Richard Corben, 2012 Eisner Hall of Fame winner!

A treasure from my personal collection:


The Judges’ Choices for the Eisner Hall of Fame, announced back in January 2012, were Rudolf Dirks and Harry Lucey. The voters’ choices, announced at yesterday’s awards ceremony, were Bill Blackbeard, Richard Corben, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Gilbert Shelton.

To view all forty-nine of the posts here at RCN that (to date) have been about Richard Corben’s work, start here.


From The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben, here’s a short Introduction to Corben’s work by Will Eisner himself:

Obviously, the copy editing and proofreading at Warren were not the best…

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Look There, Read: Richard Corben on adapting Edgar Allan Poe

Today at TCJ.com, Richard Corben talks with Joe McCulloch about horror comics, the intricacies of comics colouring, Corben’s longstanding fascination with the work of Edgar Allan Poe, and his new Poe project for Dark Horse. See “And to Have More Control, I Would Have to Do More”: Richard Corben on Adapting Edgar Allan Poe.

“My first intent was to do so called faithful adaptations. But now I feel a ‘faithful’ adaptation is not possible in any medium by anybody. My early impressions of Poe’s work came from Roger Corman’s/Richard Matheson’s versions of some Poe stories. Other than the titles, these films have very little to do with Poe’s stories. After thinking about other possible directions they might have taken, other possible amplifications, they all represent a departure from the original intent. However this certainly won’t stop countless writers and artists (and me) from doing their own take on Poe’s stories. So, resolved not to do ‘faithful’ adaptations, I am freed to let the inspiration flow. Yes, the stories and poems are ‘springboards’ for my interpretations.”
Richard Corben

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Heads Up: Corben art sale on 12 May 2012

Comic art pages by Richard Corben will go on sale Saturday 12 May 2012 at Noon, CST. The sale includes 13 pages from Hellboy: The Crooked Man, 7 pages from Swamp Thing: Missing Links, and — *gasp* — all 13 pages of “Encounter at War” from Anomaly #4 (1972). Here’s page 11 of “Encounter at War,” as it appeared in the published comic:


All of the pages included in the sale are on the Corben website right now for VIEWING ONLY. Prices will be posted when the sale goes live on Saturday.

If you’re interested, click here to visit the “Sales” page on Corben’s website.


The cover of Anomaly #4 is NOT included in the Saturday sale, but it’s a classic: