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Look There, Read: Richard Corben on adapting Edgar Allan Poe

Today at TCJ.com, Richard Corben talks with Joe McCulloch about horror comics, the intricacies of comics colouring, Corben’s longstanding fascination with the work of Edgar Allan Poe, and his new Poe project for Dark Horse. See “And to Have More Control, I Would Have to Do More”: Richard Corben on Adapting Edgar Allan Poe.

“My first intent was to do so called faithful adaptations. But now I feel a ‘faithful’ adaptation is not possible in any medium by anybody. My early impressions of Poe’s work came from Roger Corman’s/Richard Matheson’s versions of some Poe stories. Other than the titles, these films have very little to do with Poe’s stories. After thinking about other possible directions they might have taken, other possible amplifications, they all represent a departure from the original intent. However this certainly won’t stop countless writers and artists (and me) from doing their own take on Poe’s stories. So, resolved not to do ‘faithful’ adaptations, I am freed to let the inspiration flow. Yes, the stories and poems are ‘springboards’ for my interpretations.”
Richard Corben

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