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Look Here: Two more SF covers with art by Don Ivan Punchatz

Only a day after I almost apologized for not posting more often since the summer, and I’m back with two more covers scanned from the magnificent mouldering heap that I laughingly refer to as my personal library:


To view all of the covers with art by Don Ivan Punchatz (1936 – 2009) that I’ve posted so far, click here and scroll down.

Keywords: On Wheels by John Jakes, The Three-Legged Hootch Dancer by Mike Resnick, Don Ivan Punchatz.

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Look Here: Four more F/SF covers with art by Charles Moll

I featured scans of four Malzberg novels with terrific cover art by Moll on 02 December 2012, and this is sort of a follow-up to that post. Although I’m not a huge fan of his work in general, Charles Moll has produced some very strong covers over the years for various fantasy and science fiction novels, along with many weak ones. Combined with the images in my previous post, the following covers, scanned by me from the old paperbacks in my personal library, should give you an good idea of Moll’s weaknesses and strengths as an image maker:


Moll’s sombre, psychologically engaging surrealist cover art for Spinrad’s No Direction Home is the clear winner here. The other covers are nothing special, although Moll’s art for Brak the Barbarian (1977) gets points for featuring a pretty-boy protagonist who does not conform to reader expectations for a Conan-esque barbarian hero who lives “in the savage age of blood and barbarism.” It’s an interesting choice, though the sterile execution leaves much to be desired.

With his painting for the cover of Twilight of the Serpent from the same year (1977), Jeffrey Jones produced an image that goes against the grain of heroic fantasy in a similar way but he really made it work, not merely by means of a superior concept but also by means of his superior grasp of the expressive potential of his chosen medium (here’s a link to the full post).

Keywords: The Return of Kavin, The Queen of Air and Darkness and Other Stories, No Direction Home, Brak the Barbarian.

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Look Here: Six more early paperback covers by Jeffrey Jones

Yes, there are some serious creases and wear marks on some of the covers, but it is difficult to find pristine copies of thirty-nine-year-old-plus paperbacks, especially when one limits one’s search to local bookstores:

I don’t really like any of the above covers, with the exception, perhaps, of the Uncharted Stars cover, which I feel is a step up from the others in terms of draftsmanship, composition, technique, originality, and wit.

Keywords: Star Hunter And Voodoo Planet, Sorceress of the Witch World, The Planet Wizard, Thongor Fights The Pirates of Tarakus, The Zero Stone, Uncharted Stars.

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Look Here: Four more early paperback covers by Jeffrey Jones

I don’t much care for any of these covers from 1968 and 1969, but since I have yet to break out of the collector/completist mentality — and believe me, I’ve tried — here they are, scanned and posted for your “enjoyment”:

To make up for the lacklustre art this time round, my next post will feature two covers by Jones from the early 1970s that I think are very strong, along with one that I have mixed feelings about, so stay tuned for that!

Keywords: Thongor at the End of Time, Master of the Etrax, Zanthar at Moon’s Madness, The Hybrid.