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Look Here: The cavalcade of Jones covers continues…

Here are three more covers with art by Jeffrey Jones, scanned from the copies I have on hand at RCN headquarters here in the Queen City and posted below in order of publication:


You can see the photo reference for the first cover — which, in terms of draughtsmanship and painting technique, I would describe as the weakest of the three, though I do find the composition interesting — on Jeffrey Jones’s official Web site. It’s the first image on this page, right beside the figure reference for the painting Age of Innocence.

The N. C. Wyeth influence is pretty obvious in Jones’s Nine Princes cover — see, for instance, Wyeth’s paintings for Robin Hood, etc. Years later, Jones revisited the idea of the knight on horseback in his Game of Thrones painting. Notice how the Wyeth influence is no longer right on the surface in the later painting but has been absorbed and transformed into a style that is less about trying on techniques and motifs like pieces of clothing and more about the pleasure of manipulating and thinking in paint.

Keywords: Day of the Beasts, The Dirdir, Nine Princes in Amber.

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Look Here: Two SF covers by Paul Lehr

The Knight novel has no publication date (n.d.) but is copyright 1965:

Click here to view all of the covers by Paul Lehr that I’ve posted to date.

Keywords: A for Anything, The Asutra.

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Look Here: Nine Paperback Covers by Paul Lehr

From the bookshelves of yours truly, here are nine paperback covers (ten, actually; a bonus image was added at a later date) by Paul Lehr, along with one Lehr-ish cover by another hand:

Keywords: The Anome, The Enemy Stars, Andromeda Gun, Isle of the Dead, Counter-Clock World, Earth Abides, Pebble in the Sky, The Stars My Destination, Grimm’s World, The Cosmic Rape, Conquerors from the Darkness.