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Look Here: Four more F/SF covers with art by Bob Pepper

Freshly scanned, just for you, the long-suffering followers of Ragged Claws Network:


Sorry I’ve been so slow to post updates. Fact is, as the site has grown, I’ve had to worry more and more about how to reduce RCN’s CPU usage. I’ve already scaled back various bells and whistles on the site, and I’ve reduced my own activity in the admin section to a bare minimum, but I fear the day is coming when I will be forced to upgrade the site to a more expensive hosting package… or shut it down… ugh…

Keywords: Islands in the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke, Seed of Light by Edmund Cooper, Legends from the End of Time by Michael Moorcock, The Island of the Mighty by Evangeline Walton, Bob Pepper.

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Look Here: A couple of lovely covers with atypical SF art by John Berkey

Scanned by me, as usual:


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Look Here: The cover of Edmund Cooper’s SEED OF LIGHT, with art by Jim Burns

I scanned the front cover of Seed of Light from my personal copy; the JPEG of the artist’s airbrushed artwork sans text is from Paul Hartzog’s Flickr photostream.


Not sure which of the two images above displays the correct colour, but at this moment, I think I prefer the one with the overall greenish cast and softer focus, i.e. the printed cover.

Finally, yes, the cover of my copy of Seed of Light has a wraparound image. But the fact is, earlier today, when I scanned the front, I simply was not in the mood to scan the spine and the back and piece it all together.

Keywords: Seed of Light by Edmund Cooper, Jim Burns.

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Look Here: Three SF covers with art by Powers, one with art by Schoenherr

Today RCN has got four freshly scanned selections from my personal archive of disintegrating SF paperback pulp for your viewing pleasure:


I don’t know much about John Schoenherr’s career in illustration, but I must say, Schoenherr’s painting for the 1961 Ace edition of Brunner’s Meeting at Infinity is a surreal stunner that even the universally acknowledged king of surreal SF cover art himself, Richard Powers, must have envied when he first laid eyes on it. For a minute or two. Maybe.

To view all of the scans of covers with art by Richard Powers that I’ve posted here at RCN, click here. And don’t forget to click the “Older posts” link when you get to the bottom of the page.

Keywords: The Star Dwellers, The High Crusade, A Far Sunset, Meeting at Infinity.

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Look Here: Five more by Paul Lehr

Click here to view all of the Paul Lehr paperback covers I’ve posted so far.

Keywords: The Ring of Ritornel, Kronk, The Starseekers, The Floating Zombie, The Slaves of Heaven.