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Look Here: Four more F/SF covers with art by Bob Pepper

Freshly scanned, just for you, the long-suffering followers of Ragged Claws Network:


Sorry I’ve been so slow to post updates. Fact is, as the site has grown, I’ve had to worry more and more about how to reduce RCN’s CPU usage. I’ve already scaled back various bells and whistles on the site, and I’ve reduced my own activity in the admin section to a bare minimum, but I fear the day is coming when I will be forced to upgrade the site to a more expensive hosting package… or shut it down… ugh…

Keywords: Islands in the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke, Seed of Light by Edmund Cooper, Legends from the End of Time by Michael Moorcock, The Island of the Mighty by Evangeline Walton, Bob Pepper.

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Look Here: DARK CRUSADE and five others with cover art by Frazetta

My books. My scans. You’re welcome.


Keywords: Conan the Warrior by Robert E. Howard, edited by L. Sprague de Camp; Into the Aether by Richard A. Lupoff; Bloodstone by Karl Edward Wagner; The Moon Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Dark Crusade by Karl Edward Wagner; Kane; The Silver Warriors by Michael Moorcock.

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Look Here: The Runestaff tetralogy, with cover art by Bob Haberfield

I posted two of the Runestaff covers displayed below back in October 2013, but the other two are freshly scanned from old paperbacks that I purchased yesterday at a 60% discount from a local used bookstore that is closing its doors for good at the end of the month:


Keywords:The Jewel in the Skull, The Mad God’s Amulet, The Sword of the Dawn, The Runestaff, Michael Moorcock, Bob Haberfield.

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Look Here: Two by Clarke and two by Moorcock with cover art by Fernandes

Since I started TRANSISTORADIO back in August, I have been even slower to post new stuff here at RCN than I used to be, but this evening, I found the time to scan and process four covers with airbrush art by Stanislaw Fernandes, whose work has been featured once before here at RCN. Enjoy!


Keywords: The Cornelius Chronicles and An Alien Heat by Michael Moorcock, Childhood’s End and Reach for Tomorrow by Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Fernandes.

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Look Here: A pair of Runestaff paperbacks with cover art by Bob Haberfield

Two more Moorcocks with art by Bob Haberfield this morning, as promised yesterday:


Keywords: The Jewel in the Skull, The Mad God’s Amulet, by Michael Moorcock; Bob Haberfield.

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Look Here: Three paperbacks of Corum with cover art by Bob Haberfield


I have a couple more Moorcocks with cover art by Haberfield in my collection. Will probably scan and post ’em soon, if not sooner.

Keywords: The Knight of the Swords, The Queen of the Swords, The King of the Swords, by Michael Moorcock; Bob Haberfield; Habberfield.

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Look Here: Two psychedelic-surrealist fantasy covers with art by Patrick Woodroffe

If memory serves, I bought my copy of Patrick Woodroffe’s Mythopoeikon: Fantasies, Monsters, Nightmares, Daydreams on sale at Coles Books in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, back when I was in high school. The younger me was simultaneously impressed by Woodroffe’s illustrations and puzzled by the artist’s obsession with dolls in his personal work. Although I still have that same copy of Mythopoeikon in my collection, I haven’t looked at it in many years, maybe since first-year university. I’m not even sure where I have it shelved… although now that I think of it, I strongly suspect it is in the long row of books behind the stacks of books and papers that sit on the counter of the cabinet behind the wide but narrow drafting table located about three feet from the desk in our office area — oh, what a tight space this is! (If I were to swivel my chair 180 degrees from the desk where I’m typing right now, I’d be sitting at that drafting table; one can walk in this room and sit down and that’s it, there’s no other space left in which to move.) Anyway, assuming I can locate Woodroffe’s book, it just might be time for a trip down memory lane… or not… because it’s such a bother to have to move stuff around! Perhaps these two new scans will suffice:


Nice. And you know what? My desire to see more Woodroffe art has been assuaged. I’ll dig that book out some other time, maybe…

Keywords: The Bull and the Spear and The Oak and the Ram by Michael Moorcock, Prince Corum, Patrick Woodroffe.

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Coming in December from Dynamite Entertainment:

Written by Robert Greenberger, The Art of Howard Chaykin will include a foreword by Brian Michael Bendis and an afterword by Walter Simonson. The product description at Amazon reads as follows:

Legendary for what he has done on the page and infamous for what he has said off it, Howard Chaykin ranks among the superstars of modern comics. In The Art of Howard Chaykin, go behind the scenes with the creator whose pioneering works include American Flagg! and Black Kiss, and experience the stories of his life as only he can tell them. Filled with no-holds-barred perspective from his longtime friends and colleagues, and featuring an extensive selection of artwork from throughout his career, including many never-before-published pieces from Chaykin’s own archives, The Art of Howard Chaykin takes readers on an in-depth journey from the 1970s to today with one of the medium’s great storytellers.

Although we won’t know until The Art of Howard Chaykin is published what work will be reprinted, here’s a gallery of the kind of work that MIGHT appear:


Actually, Howard Chaykin’s work has been in the spotlight a few times here at RCN. You can click here, for instance, to access a list of links to stories with art by Howard Chaykin and to read the story “Seven Moons’ Light Casts Complex Shadows” by Samuel R. Delany and Howard Chaykin, from Epic Illustrated #2 (June 1980). You can also click here to read “Gideon Faust” by Wein and Chaykin, from Star*Reach #5.

Keywords: The Art of Howard Chaykin, Weird Worlds Presents Iron-Wolf, The Scorpion, The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell, The Stars My Destination, Cody Starbuck, The Tomb of Dracula, American Flagg, Black Kiss.