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Connections: F.C.B. Cadell and Francis Bacon

I must admit, I really do feel ridiculously pleased with myself whenever I notice a possible connection like this…


Connections · Fine Art · Francis Bacon · Look Here

Connections: Francis Bacon (1967) and Francis Bacon (1978)


Keywords: Portrait of Isabel Rawsthorne Standing in a Street in Soho (1967), Landscape (1978), Francis Bacon

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By the bus stop with Bacon I sat down and wept…

Elsewhere on the Web, Art Everywhere UK writes:

Want a Bacon at your bus stop? Well not long to wait now…

From 8 August Art Everywhere will greet you good morning on your way to work, bump into you on the way home from the pub and make waiting for a car parking space at the supermarket a more enlightening experience.

Here’s what Bacon’s Head VI would look like if it makes the final list. Remember, its not too late to get involved:

And yesterday I tweeted the following response, which has been ignored by… uhm, well… everyone… so far as I can tell:


Frankly, I am beginning to wonder if anyone on Twitter ever reads any tweets that are not directed @them. I am following 83 feeds at the moment, and making the effort to read/skim everyone’s tweets, and it’s all I can do to keep up. For anyone who follows a couple of hundred (or more), it must be impossible! Or a full-time job…

But then again, maybe they just didn’t get the joke/reference?

How about you? Do you get it?


Keywords: Ragged Claws Network @RaggedClawsNet: “Francis Bacon’s Head VI makes the bus stop look like a place where one can ruin oneself, go mad, or commit a crime.”

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Look Here: DARKNESS AT NOON, with cover art by Francis Bacon

How many times has a painting by Francis Bacon appeared on the cover of a book that is not about the life and/or art of Francis Bacon? I’m no expert, but I can only think of one instance — you are welcome to post a comment if you know of more! — and here it is, scanned from my personal library, along with a small, low-quality JPEG of Bacon’s original painting, Man in Blue V:


Now, although Bacon’s painting itself is simply composed and nearly monochromatic in colour, the contrasty, cropped, colour-reduced version on display on the cover of Darkness at Noon reads to me as little more than a shadow of The Man.

Francis Bacon was born 28 October 1909 and died on this day, 28 April, back in 1992. In other words, today is the twenty-first anniversary of the death of Francis Bacon.


A reader delurked today to bring to my attention another book cover with art by Bacon: Hadrianus VII by Fr. Rolfe (Baron Corvo), with the Fr. being short for “Frederick”. Here’s what it looks like:

The tiny image posted above — the only one I could find on short notice — is from the catalogue of an online bookseller.

Thanks, Arthur!

Keywords: Darkness at Noon.

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Look Here: Francis Bacon’s Triptych 1976

Yesterday at Sotheby’s, Francis Bacon’s masterful Triptych 1976 (oil and pastel on canvas in three parts, each 78 x 58 in., 198 x 147.5 cm., 1976) sold for US$86 million at a Sotheby’s auction of contemporary art, thereby setting a record for postwar art and contributing mightily to a record-setting total of $362 million in sales (including commission) for the event.

Who says the filthy rich have no taste?

Here’re some close-ups…