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Look Here: An original Jughead page by Samm Schwartz

Here’s a relatively new addition to our collection of comic art; it’s page 4 of a 5-page story entitled “In the Swim,” with art by Samm Schwartz, which appeared in Archie’s Pal Jughead #103 (December 1963):

I posted the cover of Archie’s Pal Jughead #103 six days ago in a post entitled “Ebay Wins: Schwartz, Marek, Bacon,” at which time I wrote, “it’s not the oddly composed cover of Archie’s Pal Jughead #103 that caused me to buy it — nose meet pocket; pocket, nose — but the interior art. Can you guess why?” Well, the reason is that I think it’s always cool, when one owns a piece of original comic art, to own a copy of a comic in which the page was printed. Also, by having the comic at hand, I am able to post a decent scan of the printed page along with a digital photo of the art on this blog.

Along with the above page, my wife and I also own the original art of a complete story drawn by Samm Schwartz, “Color Me True Love,” Jughead #321 (February 1982), created about 19 years after “In the Swim,” but still clearly by the same hand, guided by the same minimalist artistic sensibility.

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Look Here: “Color Me True Love,” with art by Samm Schwartz

Here’s another selection from our stash of original comic art. It’s a complete short story from Jughead #321, with art by Samm Schwartz. My apologies in advance for the quality of the images; they were shot with an older digital camera under conditions that I ought to have controlled more carefully than I did.

(Click the images to enlarge them, as usual. I don’t own the cover artwork, but I’ve included a JPEG of the original comic, with cover by Stan Goldberg, for fun — and contrast!)

I bought the story on ebay a long time ago. It was in a lot with a complete Betty and Veronica story by Stan Goldberg. As I recall, the cost of the two stories together was less than US$100, shipping included. Maybe I’ll post the Goldberg another time… though I must admit, I’m not really a Goldberg fan…

When I was a youngster, my favourite “Archie” artists — even before I knew their names — were Samm Schwartz and Harry Lucey. In a corner of the comics world dominated by lacklustre DeCarlo clones, Schwartz and Lucey each took the seemingly inflexible “Archie” house style and made it his own. Schwartz’s work was cool, crisp, refined; Lucey’s, affable, energetic, theatrical. Jughead was never so self-assured, so unflappable, as when Schwartz brought him to life; Archie and the gang, never so determined, or so frazzled, as when Lucey fed them through the wringer. With Dan DeCarlo already in the Eisner Hall of Fame, and Bob Montana, the co-creator of Archie who drew the Riverdale gang for more than 30 years, named to the Hall of Fame for 2010, can Samm Schwartz and Harry Lucey be far behind? In my humble opinion, whether it happens sooner or later, it’s inevitable.


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A Loan and Blue — from 1963, with unusually hyper-kinetic art by Samm Schwartz; in later years, Schwartz’s Jughead never got out of control like this! It’s like watching Bugs Bunny melt down.

Little Archie by Samm Schwartz — wow!

Tippy Teen: “Sure Cure Go-Go” — with art by Samm Schwartz.