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Look Here: Four more F/SF covers with art by Bob Pepper

Freshly scanned, just for you, the long-suffering followers of Ragged Claws Network:


Sorry I’ve been so slow to post updates. Fact is, as the site has grown, I’ve had to worry more and more about how to reduce RCN’s CPU usage. I’ve already scaled back various bells and whistles on the site, and I’ve reduced my own activity in the admin section to a bare minimum, but I fear the day is coming when I will be forced to upgrade the site to a more expensive hosting package… or shut it down… ugh…

Keywords: Islands in the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke, Seed of Light by Edmund Cooper, Legends from the End of Time by Michael Moorcock, The Island of the Mighty by Evangeline Walton, Bob Pepper.

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Look Here: Two SF novels and a political thriller covered by Paul Lehr

So many covers to scan… so little time…


Keywords: Separation by Richard Rohmer, Nightmare Journey by Dean R. Koontz, Dolphin Island by Arthur C. Clarke, Paul Lehr.

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Look Here: One lovely cover with kaleidoscopic art by Wilson McLean

I collect ’em (if they’re cheap enough), I scan ’em (when I can force myself to do the work), I process ’em (though I have no idea what I’m doing), and I post ’em (with a modicum of commentary, when the mood strikes; with blather like this, when I can’t think of anything interesting to say, which these days is nine times out of ten):


Scottish artist Wilson McLean was inducted by the Society of Illustrators into its Hall of Fame in 2010.


Keywords: Dilaton Effect by Douglas R. Mason, Synthajoy by D.G. Compton, The Wind from the Sun by Arthur C. Clark, Wilson McLean, Richard Powers.

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Look Here: Two by Clarke and two by Moorcock with cover art by Fernandes

Since I started TRANSISTORADIO back in August, I have been even slower to post new stuff here at RCN than I used to be, but this evening, I found the time to scan and process four covers with airbrush art by Stanislaw Fernandes, whose work has been featured once before here at RCN. Enjoy!


Keywords: The Cornelius Chronicles and An Alien Heat by Michael Moorcock, Childhood’s End and Reach for Tomorrow by Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Fernandes.

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Look Here: Nine more SF covers with art by Richard Powers

Once again, RCN presents an assortment of vintage paperback covers scanned from my very own collection of SF “classics”:


To view all of the paperbacks with cover art by Richard Powers that I’ve posted so far, click here.

Keywords: Outpost Mars, Earthlight, The City and the Stars, Reach for Tomorrow, Odd John, Assignment to Nowhere, Trader to the Stars, The Trouble Twisters, Homeward and Beyond.

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Look Here: Four more covers by Paul Lehr

The 1964 edition of The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke with the cover by Paul Lehr is a pretty cool find, I think. It’s a pity the artwork is obscured by the title, etc., but the book is in excellent condition, so it scanned fairly nicely, and of course, it is instructive to compare it with Lehr’s later covers, which, unlike The Deep Range, typically combine highly saturated colours with a strict adherence to traditional colour schemes.

Keywords: The Deep Range, Planet Run, More Things in Heaven, Night of Delusions.