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Look Here: NIGHT OF LIGHT and three others with cover art by Powers

It’s been a while since I last scanned and posted some covers of paperbacks in my personal collection, so let’s give that a try:


In addition to RCN, I’m currently running three tumblr blogs and a twitter feed, and there are days when I think that, perhaps, I have taken on too much…

Keywords: What If? Volume 1 and What If? Volume 2, edited by Richard A. Lupoff; Night of Light by Philip Jose Farmer; The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World by Harry Harrison.

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Look Here: ENCHANTED PILGRIMAGE and three others with cover art by Lehr

More cover scans, courtesy of yours truly:


The art on the cover of Freezing Down is uncredited, and no signature is visible, but I’m going to go ahead and attribute it to Paul Lehr. If you know better, you are welcome to post a comment and set the record straight.

Keywords: Freezing Down by Anders Bodelsen, The Ramsgate Paradox by Stephen Tall, Enchanted Pilgrimage by Clifford D. Simak, The Best SF 73 edited by Harry Harrison and Briwn W. Aldiss, Paul Lehr.

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Look Here: Four more splendid SF covers with art by Kelly Freas

As promised almost two weeks ago, here are four more covers with art by Kelly Freas, freshly scanned from the collection of yours truly:


Older SF fans will no doubt recognize the illustration on the cover of Astounding: John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology as a reprint of the famous cover of the October 1953 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, which, apparently, was Kelly Freas’s debut as an SF illustrator. Campbell commissioned the cover from Freas as an accompaniment to Tom Godwin’s short story “The Gulf Between” — not included in the memorial anthology — and twenty-four years later, the rock band, Queen, commissioned Freas to created a pastiche of the image for their 1977 album, News of the World.

Keywords: Frank Kelly Freas; Astounding, edited by Harry Harrison; Dread Companion by Andre Norton; The Zen Gun by Barrington J. Bayley; The Wizards of Senchuria by Kenneth Bulmer.

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Connections: Humanity (an)atomized

Courtesy of our new 11 x 17 inch scanner/printer, my personal library, and GIMP, here are four covers that share a sort of thematic family resemblance along with a bonus cover on a slightly different theme; the artist credits, where known, are in the file names, as usual:


The cover art for Notions: Unlimited by Robert Sheckley is uncredited, and no signature is visible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist turned out to be Dean Ellis.


Keywords: Rogue Golem by Ernest M. Kenyon, Dean Ellis, Captive Universe by Harry Harrison, Jack Faragasso, The Female Man by Joanna Russ, The Best of Barry N. Malzberg, Robert Schulz

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Look Here: Two SF covers with arresting airbrushed artwork by… ?

I’m not a big fan of pure airbrushed artwork, but here are two airbrushed SF covers — from 1970 and 1979 respectively — that recently caught my eye as I was browsing through my very own library of paperback “classics,” looking for stuff to scan and share:


Please note that neither of the above paperbacks includes a formal credit for the cover artist. Yes, the artwork on Bill, the Galactic Hero is signed “McMACKEN,” or “McMALKEN,” but I have no idea who McMacken/McMalken is…

Keywords: The Star Kings, Bill, the Galactic Hero.

UPDATE (07 August 2013):

I can’t say for sure, but my best guess at this point is that the McMacken who produced the cover art for Bill, the Galactic Hero is Dave McMacken. Widely admired in his early career for his skill with an airbrush, McMacken is perhaps best known for his cover illustrations for albums such as Frank Zappa’s Over-Nite Sensation, The Commodores’ Natural High, AC/DC’s Ballbreaker, Cat Stevens’ Greatest Hits, Warrant’s Dog Eat Dog, The Bullet Boys’ Freak Show, Weather Report’s Black Market, The Beatles’ Reel Music, Steve Miller’s The Joker for Steve Miller, and Kansas’s Leftoverture. Some might also remember his poster for Steven’s Spielberg’s 1941.

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Look Here: Six (more) SF covers with art by Paul Lehr

From my personal library of disintegrating pulp:


My favourite image in the above group is Lehr’s wraparound cover for John Boyd’s The Rakehells of Heaven, even though the display font used for the title and author name is overbearing and, in places, difficult to decipher! To view all of the covers with art by Paul Lehr that I’ve posted so far, click here.

Keywords: Wine of the Dreamers, Space Gypsies, The End of Eternity, The Rakehells of Heaven, The Phaeton Condition, The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You!