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Look Here: NIGHT OF LIGHT and three others with cover art by Powers

It’s been a while since I last scanned and posted some covers of paperbacks in my personal collection, so let’s give that a try:


In addition to RCN, I’m currently running three tumblr blogs and a twitter feed, and there are days when I think that, perhaps, I have taken on too much…

Keywords: What If? Volume 1 and What If? Volume 2, edited by Richard A. Lupoff; Night of Light by Philip Jose Farmer; The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World by Harry Harrison.

2 thoughts on “Look Here: NIGHT OF LIGHT and three others with cover art by Powers

  1. Yes, sir. Those are my books. And my scans. As usual.

    Anyway… I’m sure that Powers site is cool and all, but I really hate to look at other cover scan sites, as I have come across a few in the past that have collected up and reblogged all of the scans that I’ve posted by a particular artist WITHOUT giving RCN proper credit — a text link! — for doing the work to put those images online. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

    If you like Richard Powers, you should take a look at the “richard powers” category right here:

    Five pages of posts, five posts per page, several scans in almost every post. A real labour of like.


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