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Connections: Humanity (an)atomized

Courtesy of our new 11 x 17 inch scanner/printer, my personal library, and GIMP, here are four covers that share a sort of thematic family resemblance along with a bonus cover on a slightly different theme; the artist credits, where known, are in the file names, as usual:


The cover art for Notions: Unlimited by Robert Sheckley is uncredited, and no signature is visible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist turned out to be Dean Ellis.


Keywords: Rogue Golem by Ernest M. Kenyon, Dean Ellis, Captive Universe by Harry Harrison, Jack Faragasso, The Female Man by Joanna Russ, The Best of Barry N. Malzberg, Robert Schulz

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Look Here: Three paperback covers plus with art by Don Ivan Punchatz

“Don Ivan Punchatz — Don Ivan’s ability to touch men with acrylic and melt them into beasts, or touch beasts with oil and ink, and voila, they are senators or brokers is endlessly stunning. Metaphor, after all, is the universal language and Don Ivan Punchatz could teach at Berlitz.”
— Ray Bradbury


The covers displayed above were scanned by me from books in my own collection; the covers displayed below were not:

Keywords: The Day of the Burning, Death Tour, Heavy Metal vol. III, no. 9, Times Without Number, Foundation, Second Foundation, Foundation and Empire, the Foundation Trilogy.

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Look Here: Two more novels with bold cover art by Davis Meltzer


Isn’t it interesting that the art director at Ace put the blurb on The Falling Astronauts cover directly over Meltzer’s signature. No art credit inside the book, either. But Meltzer was probably paid a lot for his work, right? Yeah, right…

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Look Here: Four SF novels by Barry N. Malzberg with cover art by Charles Moll

From the library of yours truly:


I like to think that when Barry N. Malzberg first saw Charles Moll’s terrific cover art for the Pocket Books editions of his novels, he briefly felt hopeful about the future of his career in science fiction.

Keywords: Herovit’s World, Beyond Apollo, On a Planet Alien, The Sodom and Gomorrah Business.

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Look Here: Five for a dollar

A local seller of used books currently has a sale shelf where everything on display is five for a dollar. Here are the books I selected (where I know the cover artist/photographer, the info is in the file name):


A couple of the books have a bit of damage, but as a Malzberg collector, I’d have paid five or six bucks for The Spread alone, and as an collector of paperbacks with interesting cover art, I’d definitely have paid a buck or two for Roger Lamanna’s Black Hit Woman. Also, although I don’t usually buy covers with photos on the front, I made an exception in the case of To the Beat of Drum based on a sudden idiosyncratic insight (or delusion) that Dennis Rolfe’s composition is some sort of visual kissing cousin to the famous double portrait of Rene Magritte and his wife Georgette, The Shadow and Its Shadow (1932):

Not to mention Pierre Bonnard’s Nude in an Interior (1912-14):

Needless to say, I left the bookstore that day with a spring in my step — although I must admit, the short stack of SF paperbacks with cover art by Richard Powers that I purchased at the same time might also have contributed to my good mood.


The list of “Kozy Books” on the back cover of Water Witch is amusing, I think:


Cozy up with Kozy Books!

Keywords: Water Witch, Murder by Proxy, The Spread, Black Hit Woman, To Beat of Drum.


Look Here: Barry N. Malzberg’s Favorite Astoundings

Here, courtesy of YouTube and producer Greg Moosnick, is Barry N. Malzberg’s short “extra” to the DVD release of Eric Solstein’s documentary film, John W. Campbell’s Golden Age of Science Fiction. Malzberg received the inaugural John W. Campbell Memorial Award for his distinctly un-Campbellian novel, Beyond Apollo. But don’t hold that against him…


Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books: Archive for the Barry N. Malzberg Category

The “Agony Column Podcast News Report” at has a link to an MP3 file of Malzberg reading from his indispensible collection of SF criticism, Breakfast in the Ruins.