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Connections: Humanity (an)atomized

Courtesy of our new 11 x 17 inch scanner/printer, my personal library, and GIMP, here are four covers that share a sort of thematic family resemblance along with a bonus cover on a slightly different theme; the artist credits, where known, are in the file names, as usual:


The cover art for Notions: Unlimited by Robert Sheckley is uncredited, and no signature is visible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist turned out to be Dean Ellis.


Keywords: Rogue Golem by Ernest M. Kenyon, Dean Ellis, Captive Universe by Harry Harrison, Jack Faragasso, The Female Man by Joanna Russ, The Best of Barry N. Malzberg, Robert Schulz

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Look Here: Two more novels with bold cover art by Davis Meltzer


Isn’t it interesting that the art director at Ace put the blurb on The Falling Astronauts cover directly over Meltzer’s signature. No art credit inside the book, either. But Meltzer was probably paid a lot for his work, right? Yeah, right…

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Look Here: Four SF novels by Barry N. Malzberg with cover art by Charles Moll

From the library of yours truly:


I like to think that when Barry N. Malzberg first saw Charles Moll’s terrific cover art for the Pocket Books editions of his novels, he briefly felt hopeful about the future of his career in science fiction.

Keywords: Herovit’s World, Beyond Apollo, On a Planet Alien, The Sodom and Gomorrah Business.