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Coming in December from Dynamite Entertainment:

Written by Robert Greenberger, The Art of Howard Chaykin will include a foreword by Brian Michael Bendis and an afterword by Walter Simonson. The product description at Amazon reads as follows:

Legendary for what he has done on the page and infamous for what he has said off it, Howard Chaykin ranks among the superstars of modern comics. In The Art of Howard Chaykin, go behind the scenes with the creator whose pioneering works include American Flagg! and Black Kiss, and experience the stories of his life as only he can tell them. Filled with no-holds-barred perspective from his longtime friends and colleagues, and featuring an extensive selection of artwork from throughout his career, including many never-before-published pieces from Chaykin’s own archives, The Art of Howard Chaykin takes readers on an in-depth journey from the 1970s to today with one of the medium’s great storytellers.

Although we won’t know until The Art of Howard Chaykin is published what work will be reprinted, here’s a gallery of the kind of work that MIGHT appear:


Actually, Howard Chaykin’s work has been in the spotlight a few times here at RCN. You can click here, for instance, to access a list of links to stories with art by Howard Chaykin and to read the story “Seven Moons’ Light Casts Complex Shadows” by Samuel R. Delany and Howard Chaykin, from Epic Illustrated #2 (June 1980). You can also click here to read “Gideon Faust” by Wein and Chaykin, from Star*Reach #5.

Keywords: The Art of Howard Chaykin, Weird Worlds Presents Iron-Wolf, The Scorpion, The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell, The Stars My Destination, Cody Starbuck, The Tomb of Dracula, American Flagg, Black Kiss.

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Look Here: Nine Paperback Covers by Paul Lehr

From the bookshelves of yours truly, here are nine paperback covers (ten, actually; a bonus image was added at a later date) by Paul Lehr, along with one Lehr-ish cover by another hand:

Keywords: The Anome, The Enemy Stars, Andromeda Gun, Isle of the Dead, Counter-Clock World, Earth Abides, Pebble in the Sky, The Stars My Destination, Grimm’s World, The Cosmic Rape, Conquerors from the Darkness.