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Look Here: Various prints by Jeffrey Jones

If you’re a fan of Jeffrey Jones’s art, and you’d love a lovely print to hang on your wall, Todd Adams of Glimmer Graphics has a number of items that might interest you:

Although the above images — with the exception Age of Innocence and Native Son — were provided via email directly to me, RC, by publisher Todd Adams, the information regarding sizes, prices, dates, and so on, in the captions under each image is NOT official and is included simply to give you a general idea of what to expect should you decide to contact Todd to place an order.

In other words, any errors here are the sole responsibility of this Web site, which is in no way associated with Todd Adams or his company, Glimmer Graphics.

Todd’s contact email, which I’m making available here with Todd’s permission, is, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that Todd DOES accept payment via PayPal, which to me as a buyer is always a plus for online transactions.

Todd’s website, again: Glimmer Graphics. Check it out!

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