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Problem with comment forms fixed… I hope…

It just came to my attention this morning that Jetpack for WordPress has not been playing nicely with the comment forms here on RCN. For those, like myself, who are logged in to the blog most of the time, no error was visible. But for those who are not commonly logged in, no comment form was visible!

To fix the error without weakening the security measures I implemented to prevent RCN from being hacked (again), I have had to delete the Jetpack plugin. I had thought it would be a boon to RCN for visitors to be able to post via their WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook account, but it turns out that the party was over before it even got a chance to start.

3 thoughts on “Problem with comment forms fixed… I hope…

  1. The problem was that you had the space to write a comment, but if you were not logged on, it didn’t have the captcha…


  2. That’s actually a different problem that I didn’t know about!!!

    If you ever notice any problems like that in the future, Steed, please feel free to email me or tweet me or post a comment to bring it to my attention. Not that I think it is your responsibility to help. But if the regulars here won’t tell me when there’s a problem, who will?


  3. No problem… I thought I had done something incorrect that kept my post from being put through…


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