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Heads Up:

Just thought long-time friends of RCN might like to know that Richard Corben and his wife, Dona, have tweaked the design of Corben’s website, have added some new content, and have purchased a new domain: I’ve already updated all of the links in my previous posts here at RCN to reflect the change, and I encourage others with blogs and websites to do the same.

Have a happy!

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Second thoughts…

FYI, I just re-processed the last two images here and the last one here. When the pages from the Austrian National Library archive include reproductions of continuous tone originals, I find that it’s not ideal to make the white areas too white. Yes, the more accurately one preserves the colour and tones of the illustrations, the more accurately one ends up preserving the stains on the paper, but whaddayagonnado? It’s a balancing act, unless one has the time and the skill to attempt a full-scale digital restoration of each page — which I do not! That being said, since the three images I’ve reprocessed are line art and text, I’ve decided that it makes more sense in those instances to attempt to produce a nice crisp image than to worry about preserving intermediate tones, so… STAINS-B-GONE!

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Today, just for you…

04 October 2013:

… I rescanned all four of the books with Jones cover art here and added a fifth “bonus” cover scan.

03 October 2013:

… I re-scanned all five of the books here and two out of three of the books here.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, I have in fact re-scanned and re-uploaded certain covers in the past. I just didn’t publicize the fact, because I didn’t want to raise expectations for extensive improvements to the RCN archive. Which is why I shouldn’t post this message! But… aw, what the hell… PUBLISH!

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Problem with comment forms fixed… I hope…

It just came to my attention this morning that Jetpack for WordPress has not been playing nicely with the comment forms here on RCN. For those, like myself, who are logged in to the blog most of the time, no error was visible. But for those who are not commonly logged in, no comment form was visible!

To fix the error without weakening the security measures I implemented to prevent RCN from being hacked (again), I have had to delete the Jetpack plugin. I had thought it would be a boon to RCN for visitors to be able to post via their WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook account, but it turns out that the party was over before it even got a chance to start.

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“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!”


In order to encourage more comments here at RCN, this morning I have activated a new feature of the Jetpack plugin for WordPress called “Jetpack Comments.” This new feature is designed to enable visitors to use their, Twitter, or Facebook accounts when commenting on a site powered by WordPress. I may live to regret this, but for now…


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Look Here: Poladroid Gallery, 31 May to 07 June 2012

Ragged Claws Network has been rather active on Twitter during the past week. Maybe too active: I can tell because I’m starting to get depressed; too much internet does that to me, and yet, I just can’t help myself. But just so you don’t think I’m neglecting the blog, here (in no particular order) are all of the Poladroid (Poladroided?) pictures that I’ve posted to Twitter so far (minus a few that I’ve already posted here, but including one that I made but then didn’t post):

See what you’re missing! (What’s that you say? A whole lot of nothing? Maybe so, dear reader; maybe so…)

Anyhoo, in case you’re wondering — and why wouldn’t you be? — I started out resizing my Poladroids down to 300 pixels wide. Then I up-sized the downsize to 400 pixels. And that was okay. However, I have since come to the conclusion that a 425 pixel width is optimal for the Twitter-feed layout.

And what has my sterling effort wrought in terms of readership?

As of today, 07 June 2012, at 9:26 am — with 85 tweets under the bridge, not to mention seven big retweets (three each by @fantagraphics and @Xav73r, and one by @studygroup12) — @RaggedClawsNet has three (!) followers — one is a tremendously talented cartoonist, another is posting numerous Nietzsche quotations every day in an effort to sell a Nietzsche ebook for a buck, and a third is indecipherable to me. True, I had to delete a few followers whose home page links led to material not suitable for minors, but other than that, progress is being made, right?


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Ragged Claws Network Tweet Nest

Wish you were here!!!

Ragged Claws Network Tweet Nest is an off-Twitter archive of all tweets posted by @RaggedClawsNet ever! The pickings are pretty slim right now, but over time, I am hopeful that the archive will develop into an interesting resource. If I’ve set the cron job properly, our Tweet Nest will be updated once a day, every day, from this day forward.

Our Tweet Nest archive has been made possible by Andy Graulund’s open-source Tweet Nest software, “a browsable, searchable, and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets,” powered by PHP and MySQL.