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Look Here: Poladroid Gallery, 31 May to 07 June 2012

Ragged Claws Network has been rather active on Twitter during the past week. Maybe too active: I can tell because I’m starting to get depressed; too much internet does that to me, and yet, I just can’t help myself. But just so you don’t think I’m neglecting the blog, here (in no particular order) are all of the Poladroid (Poladroided?) pictures that I’ve posted to Twitter so far (minus a few that I’ve already posted here, but including one that I made but then didn’t post):

See what you’re missing! (What’s that you say? A whole lot of nothing? Maybe so, dear reader; maybe so…)

Anyhoo, in case you’re wondering — and why wouldn’t you be? — I started out resizing my Poladroids down to 300 pixels wide. Then I up-sized the downsize to 400 pixels. And that was okay. However, I have since come to the conclusion that a 425 pixel width is optimal for the Twitter-feed layout.

And what has my sterling effort wrought in terms of readership?

As of today, 07 June 2012, at 9:26 am — with 85 tweets under the bridge, not to mention seven big retweets (three each by @fantagraphics and @Xav73r, and one by @studygroup12) — @RaggedClawsNet has three (!) followers — one is a tremendously talented cartoonist, another is posting numerous Nietzsche quotations every day in an effort to sell a Nietzsche ebook for a buck, and a third is indecipherable to me. True, I had to delete a few followers whose home page links led to material not suitable for minors, but other than that, progress is being made, right?


One thought on “Look Here: Poladroid Gallery, 31 May to 07 June 2012

  1. P.S. After Fantagraphics and Xav Roberts retweeted the links to the recent Jaime Hernandez posts here on RCN, I definitely did see a little spike in the visitor stats for those pages. And I am pretty sure that the only reason that Fanta and Xav knew my tweets existed for them to retweet is that I made the effort to tweet them @fantagraphics, i.e., @someone-who-might-care-about-the-content-of-my-tweet.

    So I suppose the lesson here is, if you want attention on Twitter, don’t just follow other Twitterers and retweet their tweets: tweet @another-user! Although maybe I ought to wait until I have a larger sample before I publish my results…

    Now if I can only summon the chutzpah to do what I say and not what I usually do…


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