Comment Deletion Policy

If you have ever participated in a conversation here at RCN, but you have since decided, for whatever reason, that you would like some of your comments to disappear, just post a request in each of the affected topics, and I will personally delete both your original comments and your requests as soon as I am able. Or, if it makes things easier for you, you can simply post a single blanket request for me to delete all of your comments. I promise that I won’t ask you to explain why you want me to delete your comments. And I certainly won’t try to guilt-trip you into leaving your comments online. I will simply delete your comments.

Keep in mind, however, that if you have been really active as a commenter here, and your deletion requests are extensive, requiring me to edit or delete a lot of my replies, I doubt that I will want to bother replying to any comments that you might post in the future, assuming, of course, that said comments make it past the moderation process.

But if you are a regular here, and you only have a few comments that you’d like to delete, please don’t hesitate to ask for my assistance. Rare is the online commenter who has never posted a message or three that he wished he could take back. Of course, I can’t guarantee that your comments here haven’t been mirrored by a third party and won’t live on in that context. But that’s life on the web, right?

Finally, please note that my offer to delete comments does not apply to the select group of people whom I consider to be blacklisted on this site.

Just so you know…

3 thoughts on “Comment Deletion Policy

  1. I like your page and the way that you represent works of art. My company owns the copyright to Memories of Surrealism. Could you kindly, under each picture, put a copyright notice as follows:
    Copyright The Salvador Dali Society®
    You did a very nice representation of the works. I want others viewing the page to know that these works are copyright protected. Thanks and keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks very much, Joseph, both for your positive feedback regarding this site and for your positive, constructive approach to the educational display of small JPEGs of your copyrighted works of art on the web.

    I am, of course, happy to comply with your request to add a copyright notice under each of the images in my post, Look Here: MEMORIES OF SURREALISM by Salvador Dali.

    If you visit the page again, you will see that I have linked each of the copyright notices to the Salvador Dali Society website. I think I have the correct URL, but if I’ve made a mistake, just let me know and I’ll fix the links as soon as I am able.



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