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Look Here: Another Chandler novel (plus one other) with cover art by Tom Adams


To view all of the paperback covers with art by Tom Adams that I’ve scanned and uploaded for display so far, start here. To view only the other Chandlers, click here.

Keywords: Killer in the Rain by Raymond Chandler, A Holiday for Murder by Agatha Christie, Tom Adams.

3 thoughts on “Look Here: Another Chandler novel (plus one other) with cover art by Tom Adams

  1. Dear Ragged Claws,
    I love your site, and the passion you show.
    As a Tom Adams fan of many years, I particularly love seeing his art work on your site – it was the Tom Adams artwork that drew me to see your site.

    Please do not take this as a criticism, but rather as ‘further education’. The picture you show of ‘The Plants’ by Kenneth McKenney was not done by Tom Adams. There is another illustrator from the USA, Norman Adams, also a brilliant artist, who was the artist who illustrated ‘The Plants’. He also did illustrations for books by Dashiell Hammet, which are often erroneously attributed to Tom Adams.

    You will find Norman Adams’ website, and the artwork for ‘The Plants’ on that website, at .

    The signatures of Tom Adams and Norman Adams are very different, too. Norman Adams uses a cursive script to sign with, and always signs as ‘Adams’, whereas Tom Adams always signs ‘T. Adams’.



  2. I don’t take your comments as criticism at all, Val. I’m always delighted to be able to replace bad information with good information. I’ll do something about that cover as soon as I have posted this comment. Will probably just remove it from the post and substitute something else that I KNOW is by Tom Adams. Thanks!


  3. Here, btw, is the cover I removed:

    ABOVE: Kenneth McKenney, The Plants (NY: Bantam, 1977), with cover art by Norman Adams.


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