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Look Here: Another Chandler novel (plus one other) with cover art by Tom Adams


To view all of the paperback covers with art by Tom Adams that I’ve scanned and uploaded for display so far, start here. To view only the other Chandlers, click here.

Keywords: Killer in the Rain by Raymond Chandler, A Holiday for Murder by Agatha Christie, Tom Adams.

Book/Magazine Covers (All) · Illustration Art · Look Here · Raymond Chandler · Tom Adams

Look Here: Two Raymond Chandlers with cover art by Tom Adams

Here are two covers freshly scanned mere minutes ago, by me, from my personal collection of old paperbacks:


I have many more paperbacks with Tom Adams cover art, but, alas, none of them are from the Ballantine Books series of Chandler reprints. What I do have is a largish selection of Agatha Christie novels with cover art by Tom Adams, which I intend to scan and post in the near future. So if you’re a Tom Adams fan, you have that to look forward to here on RCN.

Keywords: The High Window, The Little Sister.