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Today, just for you…

04 October 2013:

… I rescanned all four of the books with Jones cover art here and added a fifth “bonus” cover scan.

03 October 2013:

… I re-scanned all five of the books here and two out of three of the books here.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, I have in fact re-scanned and re-uploaded certain covers in the past. I just didn’t publicize the fact, because I didn’t want to raise expectations for extensive improvements to the RCN archive. Which is why I shouldn’t post this message! But… aw, what the hell… PUBLISH!

One thought on “Today, just for you…

  1. Aw, you shouldn’t have – just for MOI??! 😉

    Hey, I’m hoping you’ll post about the Jeffrey Jones Better Things download from MyBlog dot com for $20. Do it and I’ll quit bugging you about it!


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