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Look Here: Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason, part 4

More scans from the collection of yours truly, as usual:


I have enough Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason for one more post, so if you’re a Teason fan, you might want visit RCN again tomorrow for that…

Keywords: The Regatta Mystery, An Overdose of Death, Sad Cypress, and They Came to Bagdad, by Agatha Christie; William Teason.

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Look Here: Two “Women fleeing from…” covers with art by Vic Prezio

Scanned by me, just for you:


Keywords: The Girl Who Didn’t Die by Ruby Jean Jensen, Image of a Ghost by Dorothy Daniels, Vic Prezio.

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Look Here: Three magnificent garden paintings by Colleen Browning


So who is Colleen Browning? Browning was born in England in 1918. She attended the Slade School of Fine Art in London from 1937 to 1939. She had her first solo exhibition at London’s Little Gallery when she was 31 years old. She moved to America in 1949. And she lived in New York City for the next five decades until her death in 2003. The highlights of Browning’s artistic career are outlined on the back flap of the dust jacket of the first, hardcover edition of her excellent art-instruction book, Working Out a Painting: Techniques for Transforming Your Oils (NY: Watson-Guptill, 1988), which, btw, is the print source of my three scans:

Colleen Browning has taught art at Pratt Institute, the City College of New York, and the National Academy of Design. She has been elected an Academician of the National Academy, where she has won the Joseph Isidor Medal, the Julius Hallgarten Prize, the Adolph and Clara Obrig Prize, and the Henry Ward Ranger Purchase Prize.

Brownings’s work is in the public collections of many museums, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Milwaukee Art Center, the St. Louis Art Museum, and the New York State Art Museum. She has been selected to exhibit in major museum exhibitions, such as the Whitney Museum in New York; the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis; the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio; and the Carnegie International in Pittsburgh.

Browning’s work has been the subject of articles in Time, Newsweek, Glamour, The New York Times, Arts magazine, Art International, and American Artist. She exhibits regularly at the Kennedy Galleries in New York and receently had a solo show at the Wichita Art Museum, Kansas.

In 2012, the Hudson Hills Press published a hardcover monograph on Browning’s work entitled Colleen Browning: The Enchantment of Realism. I haven’t purchased a copy yet, but I’m definitely tempted…


TRANSISTORADIO > Colleen Browning, Night Garden Light (1981), oil on canvas, 116.8 x 127 cm.

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Look Here: One lovely cover with art by Fred Pfeiffer

This is the first cover with art by Doc Savage cover artist Fred Pfeiffer that I’ve scanned and posted here at RCN, and if I can find more with Pfeiffer cover art of a similar quality at a reasonable price, I’ll happily buy and scan and post those, too:


Keywords: A Specter is Haunting Texas by Fritz Leiber, Fred Pfeiffer.

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Link Roundup: Comics stories with art by Richard Corben

Prompted by a question posed to me on Twitter, I’ve taken a few moments to compile the following roundup of stories with art (or art and script) by Richard Corben that are freely available to read on the Web; the stories are listed in order of first publication, more or less:

I’ll add more to the list later… perhaps…

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Look Here (and There): The art of Hamid Savkuev


Google+ albums > Hamid Savkuev. Painting.

Academy of Russian Arts > Hamid Savkuev – includes CV and information about title, size, medium, date, etc., for each piece on display. Also includes more images of Savkuev’s sculpture than you’ll find on most sites. Excellent.

Book Graphics > Agniya. Legend of the Scythians. – illustrations by Hamid Savkuev

Russian Art Tour > Hamid Savkuev (scroll to bottom of page) — 160-page coffee-table book, in Russian, for sale from a site run by American artist, Cathy Locke. Only a few copies are left.

Museum Drawing > Hamid Savkuev (b. 1964). Blog > Hamid Savkuev Exhibition

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Look There: Better things for BETTER THINGS?

Well would you look at that! When the Kickstarter for Maria Paz Cabardo’s documentary film Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones failed to reach its goal — and shame on everyone who didn’t support it — I sent my donation to Maria via PayPal anyway, and then, after a few months in 2011 when the film’s website seemed devoid of all life, I sort of forgot about the whole thing. Well, turns out, I shouldn’t have given up hope, because this morning I finally thought to check on the film’s progress and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the promotional site has been updated with a new design and new content, including comps of three different posters designed by John Pinsky. Take a look. And what’s more, this morning I also stumbled across an old post by Arnie Fenner, who back in March of this year announced on the Muddy Colors blog that the film is complete: “It’s edited. It’s scored. It’s a wrap.

No word yet if and when DVDs will be available for purchase, but I do hope it’s soon! Because there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Better Things will ever show in a theatre near me. More’s the pity…

Pinsky designed another, slightly more provocative poster for the film, but it’s only available on the film’s website as a tiny thumbnail at the moment:

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Look There: Pulp cover collection takes you on a trip around the world

Writer, film buff, and @crimefactory editor, Andrew Nette (@pulpcurry), has assembled a terrific Pinterest collection of pulp covers (including a few from RCN) that he has sorted into various categories, including Pulp Fiction Down Under, Pulp Fiction Asia, Pulp Fiction, Pulp Fiction from the 70s, Pulp Miscellany, Pulp Asia, and Pulp Westerns. What I especially appreciate about the collection is that it doesn’t simply consist of cover scans posted via other sites but also includes many attractive and difficult-to-find covers that Andrew himself has scanned and uploaded, presumably from his own library.

Probably the best way to get you to visit Andew’s online pinboard is to show you a sample of what awaits you on the other side of the link. So… here’s a sample:


Want to add a copy of Terry Harknett’s Promotion Tour to your personal collection of disintegrating pulp fiction? If you have US$69.95 plus US$18.00 for shipping, you can buy a copy right now on ebay. As for me, I’m just going to admire that scan…

Anyway… for your clickin’ convenience, here are those links again: