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Look Here (and There): The art of Hamid Savkuev


Google+ albums > Hamid Savkuev. Painting.

Academy of Russian Arts > Hamid Savkuev – includes CV and information about title, size, medium, date, etc., for each piece on display. Also includes more images of Savkuev’s sculpture than you’ll find on most sites. Excellent.

Book Graphics > Agniya. Legend of the Scythians. – illustrations by Hamid Savkuev

Russian Art Tour > Hamid Savkuev (scroll to bottom of page) — 160-page coffee-table book, in Russian, for sale from a site run by American artist, Cathy Locke. Only a few copies are left.

Museum Drawing > Hamid Savkuev (b. 1964). Blog > Hamid Savkuev Exhibition

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