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Look There: Pulp cover collection takes you on a trip around the world

Writer, film buff, and @crimefactory editor, Andrew Nette (@pulpcurry), has assembled a terrific Pinterest collection of pulp covers (including a few from RCN) that he has sorted into various categories, including Pulp Fiction Down Under, Pulp Fiction Asia, Pulp Fiction, Pulp Fiction from the 70s, Pulp Miscellany, Pulp Asia, and Pulp Westerns. What I especially appreciate about the collection is that it doesn’t simply consist of cover scans posted via other sites but also includes many attractive and difficult-to-find covers that Andrew himself has scanned and uploaded, presumably from his own library.

Probably the best way to get you to visit Andew’s online pinboard is to show you a sample of what awaits you on the other side of the link. So… here’s a sample:


Want to add a copy of Terry Harknett’s Promotion Tour to your personal collection of disintegrating pulp fiction? If you have US$69.95 plus US$18.00 for shipping, you can buy a copy right now on ebay. As for me, I’m just going to admire that scan…

Anyway… for your clickin’ convenience, here are those links again:

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