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Heads Up: Corben art sale on 12 May 2012

Comic art pages by Richard Corben will go on sale Saturday 12 May 2012 at Noon, CST. The sale includes 13 pages from Hellboy: The Crooked Man, 7 pages from Swamp Thing: Missing Links, and — *gasp* — all 13 pages of “Encounter at War” from Anomaly #4 (1972). Here’s page 11 of “Encounter at War,” as it appeared in the published comic:


All of the pages included in the sale are on the Corben website right now for VIEWING ONLY. Prices will be posted when the sale goes live on Saturday.

If you’re interested, click here to visit the “Sales” page on Corben’s website.


The cover of Anomaly #4 is NOT included in the Saturday sale, but it’s a classic:


2 thoughts on “Heads Up: Corben art sale on 12 May 2012

  1. Hi, i just love this site!!
    So, I was looking the image of this post, and remember another art of Corben, form the album “Living in Hysteria” (from the Heaven”s Gate band), do a search and tell me.


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Volstag. Not sure what your question is. But you are right. The cover of “Livin’ in Hysteria” is definitely by Corben:


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