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Look Here: NIGHT OF LIGHT and three others with cover art by Powers

It’s been a while since I last scanned and posted some covers of paperbacks in my personal collection, so let’s give that a try:


In addition to RCN, I’m currently running three tumblr blogs and a twitter feed, and there are days when I think that, perhaps, I have taken on too much…

Keywords: What If? Volume 1 and What If? Volume 2, edited by Richard A. Lupoff; Night of Light by Philip Jose Farmer; The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World by Harry Harrison.

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Connections: Jeffrey Jones and the great unknown

Stumbling around on tumblr today, I came across an uncredited image that reminded me of something I had seen before…

If anyone recognizes that photo and can tell me when and where it was published, I’d love to hear from you. And if you have a copy of the publication and could supply me with a better scan, well, that’d be just peachy.

UPDATE (22 June 2015):

Thanks to the inspired efforts of an anonymous reader (see the comments section below), we now have the precise context for Jones’s “reference photo” posted above. The source is a photo layout titled “Secrets From My Diary,” shot by J. Frederick Smith, for the December 1973 issue of VIVA (vol. 1, no. 3). And thanks to the efforts of fans on the VFILES site, we can view the photo in the context of the original NSFW article/layout:


The scans are small, yes, even if you click to enlarge them, but the information is much appreciated. Thanks, hsc!

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Look Here: “Descent” (1977) by Jeffrey Jones

Here’s an image that I gingerly scanned from my personal copy of the legendary Dragon’s Dream book, The Studio, and posted on my tumblr, TRANSISTORADIO, on 27 April 2015:


Not sure if this has been remarked previously, perhaps it has, but it seems clear enough to me that the masked, pregnant woman in Jeffrey Jones’s Descent (1977) was inspired by the old woman in Gustav Klimt’s The Three Ages of Woman (1915):

Jones, of course, painted his own version of the “three ages of woman” (which — I know, I know — has already been identified by numerous Jones fans as an “homage” to Klimt):

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Heads Up: Fantagraphics to reprint Crepax in ten volumes

Now this is good news, I think:

Fantagraphics Finds Paranormal Romance with Guido Crepax
Wednesday, 04 March 2015

MARCH 4, 2015—SEATTLE, WA—Fantagraphics Books is proud to announce a 10-book series beginning November 2015 collecting the comics of Italian maestro Guido Crepax, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of his character Valentina. A composite of Louise Brooks, Anna Karina, and his wife, Crepax’s depiction of Valentina’s sensuality is so sophisticated that it undeniably legitimized erotic Eurocomics. Just as with Tom of Finland, he blew apart the boundaries of the medium.

Crepax: Dracula, Frankenstein, and Other Horror Stories is the first book in the series. It features the artist’s take on the eponymous literary works by Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley; a half dozen stories, some never before published, starring Valentina—arguably the strongest and most independent female character in European comics up till that time—from the ’60s and ’70s, and shows how Crepax influenced fashion, architecture, and the French New Wave.

Only a handful of Crepax’s works have been reprinted in English, none currently available — until now. With more than 440 pages each of comics and contextual material from consulting editor Manuel Espírito Santo, comics historian Paul Gravett, erotica scholar Tim Pilcher, and testimonies of Guido Crepax heirs, these books will be the most complete and unabridged collections of the award-winning cartoonist Guido Crepax’s work ever assembled.

Born in Milan, Italy, Guido Crepax (1933-2003) was an internationally acclaimed cartoonist. After he got his degree in architecture, he worked on national publicity campaigns for Shell and Dunlop, and illustrated book covers and record jackets. He began contributing to the seminal Italian comics magazine Linus in 1965, where his pop art and psychedelic surrealism-inspired graphics exploded into the public consciousness.

By Guido Crepax
November 2015 | $75.00
Hardcover | 440 pages
Black-and-White | 10 1/4″ x 14″
ISBN: 978-1-60699-890-8

UPDATE (08 April 2015):

Turns out that the contents of each of the ten volumes in FG’s Guido Crepax library have already been released on an Italian site. Bleeding Cool copied and posted the info to their site, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t do the same…

So here’s the volume-by-volume breakdown, copied and pasted from Fumetto Logica:

1. Mostri
Crepax: Dracula, Frankenstein, And Other Horror Stories: Prologo a I sotterranei (1968), I sotterranei (1965), Valentina perduta nel paese dei Sovieti (1968), La discesa (1966), Un poco loco (1966) e Subconscious Valentina (1976). Altre storie: Conte Dracula (1987), Frankenstein (2002)

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di Conte Dracula (NBM, 1991).

2. Fantascienza
Valentina e le fiabe robotiche: Prologo a La Forza di gravità (1970), La forza di gravità (1967), Valentina con gli stivali (1968), Marianna (1968/9), La mangiatrice di tempo (1973) Riflesso (1974), Valentina pirata (1976). Altre storie: L’astronave pirata (1968), Belinda contro i mangiadischi (1967/82)

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di Riflesso (Heavy Metal).

3. Malefici
Valentina e le streghe: Prologo a Baba Yaga (1972), Baba Yaga (1971/2), Chi ha paura di Baba Yaga (1971), Barbablù (1971/2), Annette (1972), Il piccolo re (1972), Rembrandt e le streghe (1977). Altre storie: Edgar Allan Poe – 3 gialli (1967/1970/1990), Dr. Jekyll e Mr. Hyde (1987), Giro di vite (1989).

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di Giro di vite (NBM, 1992)

4. Vita Privata
La storia di Valentina: Prologo alla curva di Lesmo (1976), La curva di Lesmo (1965), Ciao Valentina (1966), Funny Valentine (1967/9), Intrepida Valentina di carta (1968), Filippo e Valentina (1969/70), Valentina intrepida (1971/2), Il bambino di Valentina (1968/70), Il manoscritto trovato in una carrozzella (1970), Caduta angeli (1973), I vestiti nuovi dell’imperatrice (1973), Intervista a Valentina (1976), Le zattere (1980), Pietro Giacomo Rogeri (1972/3), Anthropology (1977), Vita privata (1975/85), Vent’anni dopo (1985).

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di La curva di Lesmo e Ciao valentina (Eurotica, 1991)

5. Relazioni pericolose
Valentina, Bruno ed Effi: Nostalgia (1980), Made in Germany (1981/2), Frau Rosselli und Fraulen Lang (1982), Andante (1982), Lontano da Berlino (1987/8), La gazza ladra (1988), Osservazione acuta (1989). Altre storie: Memorie di Casanova (1977), Venere in pelliccia (1984).

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa.

6. Storie americane
Valentina incontra Louise Brooks: Il vaso di Pandora (1974), Valentina & Louise + carteggio Illustrato tra Guido Crepax e Louise Brooks (1975/6), Lanterna Magica (1976/7). Valentina: Alfabeto muto (1980), Nessuno (1984/6) Altre storie: Prologo a Bonnie & Clyde, Bonnie & Clyde (1968), L’uomo di Harlem (1979),

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di L’Uomo di Harlem (Catalan, 1987).

7. Il romanzo erotico
Valentina: Storia di una storia (1981). Altre storie: Histoire d’O (1975) Emmanuelle (1978), Quel fantastico treno: scambio imprevisto (1992)

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di Histoire d’O (Groove Press, 1978 e NBM, 1991) ed Emmanuelle (NBM, 1990).

8. Nevrosi metropolitane
Valentina nel metrò (1975/6), Valentina assassina? (1975/6), Time out (1991). Anita: Anita, una storia possibile (1974), Hello Anita (1979), Anita in diretta (1988), Anita color (1988). Altre storie: Giulietta (1990), Becky Lee, memorie di una fotomodella (1984).

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di Anita in diretta e Anita color (NBM, 1991).

9. Surreali ossessioni
Bianca: Una storia eccessiva (1968/70), Bianca Gulliver (1984). Valentina sogna: Sogno (1982), La montagna incantata di Thomas Mann (1985), Bianca in persona e 8 ½ (1991), Valentina alla ricerca dei vestiti perduti (1995). Altre storie: La storia immortale di Karen Blixen (1987), Gradiva di Wilhelm Jansen (1988), Il processo di Franz Kafka (1999).

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa.

10. La storia a fumetti
Valentina, la politica e la storia: Viva Troskij (1974), Mosca cieca (1975/6), Effi come Darwin (1986), Prologo a U, U come uomo (1971) La storia a fumetti: La calata di Mac Similiano XXXVI (1969), L’uomo di Pskov (1977), Dall’Enciclopedia Larousse, Francis Drake, Charles Darwin e I mongoli in Cina (1978/9/80). Altre storie: Justine del Marchese de Sade (1979).

Tutte le storie sono inedite negli Usa ad eccezione di Justine (NBM, 1993).

And here’s the uncorrected Google translation:

1. Monsters
Crepax: Dracula, Frankenstein, And Other Horror Stories: Prologue to The Underground (1968), The Underground (1965), Valentina Lost in the Land of the Soviets (1968), Descent (1966), A little spot (1966) and Valentina Subconscious (1976). Other stories: Count Dracula (1987), Frankenstein (2002)

All stories are unpublished in the US with the exception of Count Dracula (NBM, 1991).

2. Fiction
Valentina and fairy tales robotic: Prologue to The Gravity (1970), Gravity (1967), Valentina in Boots (1968), Marianna (1968/9), The Eater of Time (1973), Reflection (1974), Valentina Pirate (1976). Other stories: The pirate ship (1968), Belinda against Mangiadischi (1967/82)

All stories are unpublished in the US except for Reflection (Heavy Metal).

3. Malefici
Valentina and witches: Prologue to Baba Yaga (1972), Baba Yaga (1971/2), Who’s Afraid of Baba Yaga (1971), Bluebeard (1971/2), Annette (1972), The Little King (1972), Rembrandt and Witches (1977). Other stories: Edgar Allan Poe – 3 yellow (1967/1970/1990), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1987), Turn of the Screw (1989).

All stories are unpublished in the US except for Crackdown (NBM, 1992)

4. Private Life
The story of Valentina: Prologue to the Lesmo Curve (1976), The Lesmo Curve (1965), Hello Valentina (1966), Funny Valentine (1967/9), Intrepid Valentina Paper (1968), Philip and Valentina (1969/70), Valentina Intrepid (1971/2), The Baby Valentina (1968/70), The Manuscript Found in a Wheelchair (1970), Angels Fall (1973), The Empress’s New Clothes (1973), Interview with Valentina (1976), The Rafts (1980), Peter James Rogeri (1972/3), Anthropology (1977), Privacy (1975/85), Twenty Years After (1985).

All stories are unpublished in the US except for the Lesmo curve and Hello Valentine (Eurotica, 1991)

5. Dangerous Liaisons
Valentina, Bruno and Effi: Nostalgia (1980), Made in Germany (1981/2), Rosselli Frau und Fraulein Lang (1982), Andante (1982), Away from Berlin (1987/8), The Thieving Magpie (1988), Keen Observation (1989). Other stories: Memoirs of Casanova (1977), Venus in Furs (1984).

All stories are unpublished in the US.

6. American Stories
Valentina meets Louise Brooks: Pandora’s Box (1974), Valentina & Louise + Illustrated Correspondence between Guido Crepax and Louise Brooks (1975/6), Magic Lantern (1976/7). Valentina: Dumb Alphabet (1980), No (1984/6) Other stories: Prologue to Bonnie & Clyde, Bonnie & Clyde (1968), Man from Harlem (1979),

All stories are unpublished in the US with the exception of Man from Harlem (Catalan, 1987).

7. The erotic novel
Valentina: The Story of a story (1981). Other stories: Story of O (1975) Emmanuelle (1978), That Fantastic Train: Exchange Unexpected (1992)

All stories are unpublished in the US with the exception of Story of O (Groove Press, 1978 NBM, 1991) and Emmanuelle (NBM, 1990).

8. Neurosis metropolitan
Valentina in the metro (1975/6), Valentina Murderer (1975/6), Time Out (1991). Anita: Anita, a Story Can (1974), Hello Anita (1979), Anita Live (1988), Anita Color (1988). Other stories: Juliet (1990), Becky Lee, Memories of a Model (1984).

All stories are unpublished in the US with the exception of Anita Live and Anita Color (NBM, 1991).

9. Surreal obsessions
White: A Story Too (1968/70), The White Gulliver (1984). Valentina dreams: Dream (1982), The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann (1985), White in Person and 8 ½ (1991), Valentina Looking Clothes Lost (1995). Other stories: The Immortal Story of Karen Blixen (1987), Gradiva Wilhelm Jansen (1988), The Process of Franz Kafka (1999).

All stories are unpublished in the US.

10. The comic story
Valentina, politics and history: Viva Troskij (1974), Blind Man’s Bluff (1975/6), Effi as Darwin (1986), Prologue to U, U as a man (1971), The comic story: The Descent of Mac Similiano XXXVI (1969), Man Pskov (1977), Larousse Encyclopedia, Francis Drake, Charles Darwin and The Mongols in China (1978/9/80). Other stories: Justine by the Marquis de Sade (1979).

All stories are unpublished in the US except for Justine (NBM, 1993).

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Look Here: Seven vivacious Audio Fidelity album covers, 1956-1960

Earlier this morning over at my tumblr, TRANSISTORADIO, I posted scans of seven vibrant, sexy album covers created by designers and photographers whose names are unknown to me for Audio Fidelity recordings released from 1956 to 1960. On tumblr, I generally prefer to post one image at a time, but I thought people here might like to view my selections all together, in a single post:


I originally copied the above scans from links posted on this page at the Syracuse University Libraries website. Well done, SUL!

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Look Here: A hand-drawn doodle by John Kricfalusi

Back in the summer of 2012, I became a backer of “John K’s ‘Cans Without Labels'” on Kickstarter. I pledged at the $30 level, which entitled me to receive two “rewards”: 1) “an original, possibly food stained, hand-drawn doodle signed by John K. on 8.5″ x 11 paper” (for which I happily paid an extra $5.00 to cover shipping), and 2) a digital copy of the animated short, “Cans without Labels,” which is what the Kickstarter was originally created to finance. The estimated delivery date for both “rewards” was February 2013.

Last week, I received my doodle. Here’s a scan:

Seeing that it includes lively, loopy drawings of the artist’s most well-known characters, Ren and Stimpy, the song lyric/catchphrase “Happy Happy Joy Joy,” sketches of two of the stars of the forthcoming “Cans without Labels” cartoon — George Liquor, top left, and one of his nephews, middle right — and John K.’s signature, rabid fans of John Kricfalusi would undoubtedly consider the above doodle to be pretty much ideal.

But as the women used to say in the Irish Spring commercials, I like it, too.

When will “Cans without Labels” be completed? Nobody knows…

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Look Here: Two SF portrait covers with art by Joseph Lombardero

Neither of the following novels from the collection of yours truly includes a cover credit, and if the art was signed by the artist, the signature has been cropped out by the designer; nonetheless, it seems likely to me that the artist is Joseph Lombardero, whose Sax Rohmer covers were featured here at RCN back in May of this year:


As always, if you think/know that I’ve made an attribution error, I welcome your corrections in the comments.

Keywords: Gone to be Snakes Now by Neal Bell, The Worlds of Poul Anderson by Poul Anderson, Joseph Lombardero.