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Look Here: A hand-drawn doodle by John Kricfalusi

Back in the summer of 2012, I became a backer of “John K’s ‘Cans Without Labels'” on Kickstarter. I pledged at the $30 level, which entitled me to receive two “rewards”: 1) “an original, possibly food stained, hand-drawn doodle signed by John K. on 8.5″ x 11 paper” (for which I happily paid an extra $5.00 to cover shipping), and 2) a digital copy of the animated short, “Cans without Labels,” which is what the Kickstarter was originally created to finance. The estimated delivery date for both “rewards” was February 2013.

Last week, I received my doodle. Here’s a scan:

Seeing that it includes lively, loopy drawings of the artist’s most well-known characters, Ren and Stimpy, the song lyric/catchphrase “Happy Happy Joy Joy,” sketches of two of the stars of the forthcoming “Cans without Labels” cartoon — George Liquor, top left, and one of his nephews, middle right — and John K.’s signature, rabid fans of John Kricfalusi would undoubtedly consider the above doodle to be pretty much ideal.

But as the women used to say in the Irish Spring commercials, I like it, too.

When will “Cans without Labels” be completed? Nobody knows…

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