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Look Here: New collage art by Jeffrey Meyer

In light of his recent announcement that he has drastically lowered the prices on all of his collages “for an indeterminate time,” I think it might be helpful to my old online buddy, Jeffrey Meyer, to feature his work again here at RCN… so without further ado, here are eight terrific old-school, cut-and-paste collages that Jeffrey produced in late 2014:


To view more new collages by Jeffrey Meyer, click here, but please do keep in mind that the revised price schedule applies not just to the new work but to ALL of the collages at that are not already in private hands. Contact Jeffrey Meyer for availability.

“If you’ve ever thought about buying any of my work,
this will probably be your best opportunity.”
— Jeffrey Meyer

P.S. Of course, as an unabashed devotee of collage art, and an inveterate bargain hunter, I couldn’t resist adding several price-reduced pieces by Mr. Meyer, including “Rarebit Drip” (see above), to my wife’s and my art collection — which, by the way, already includes a largish number of collages by Mr. Meyer and others. Not sure whether that makes me an astute collector or a brazen opportunist, but in any case, I’ll save the rest of my crowing about our new acquisitions for another post.


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