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Look Here: The first three Gor novels, with cover art by Robert Foster

Freshly scanned… interesting how the photo-reference becomes more insistent with each successive cover here…


To view all of the covers with art by Robert Foster that I’ve scanned and posted so far, click here.


Here’s a recent acquisition of mine that further illuminates Foster’s technical modus operandi:

The cover of Nomads of Gor isn’t just based on an underlying photomontage. It is a colourized photomontage.

Keywords: Tarnsman of Gor, Outlaw of Gor, Priest-Kings of Gor, Nomads of Gor, John Norman; Robert Foster.

One thought on “Look Here: The first three Gor novels, with cover art by Robert Foster

  1. My friend Dave Mattingly had a Foster original. Foster would shoot models, create a collage with other elements, then have the collage photographed and a large print of it mounted on board. Then he’d paint with oils over that photographic print. It explains a lot about his photorealism (no drawing involved!), the collage aspects, and how seldom his figures seemed to occupy a real environmental space. Some beautiful covers, for all that “cheating.” I certainly collected Foster’s work.


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