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Look Here: The first three Gor novels, with cover art by Robert Foster

Freshly scanned… interesting how the photo-reference becomes more insistent with each successive cover here…


To view all of the covers with art by Robert Foster that I’ve scanned and posted so far, click here.


Here’s a recent acquisition of mine that further illuminates Foster’s technical modus operandi:

The cover of Nomads of Gor isn’t just based on an underlying photomontage. It is a colourized photomontage.

Keywords: Tarnsman of Gor, Outlaw of Gor, Priest-Kings of Gor, Nomads of Gor, John Norman; Robert Foster.

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Look Here: Four more SF covers with art by Robert Foster

Here are four novels with cover art by Robert Foster that I acquired this spring:


Unfortunately, the edition of Davy that you see above is not the one I would prefer to own. The edition that I would prefer to own is the one that shows more of Robert Foster’s artwork and thus doesn’t drain all of the surrealism out of it:

You can view a snapshot of Foster’s painting, framed and hanging on somebody’s wall, over on the Illustration Exchange site, where you’ll find the following particulars: 19 x 25 inches, acrylic, 1964.

Keywords: The Masks of Time by Robert Silverberg, Davy by Edgar Pangborn, Light a Last Candle by Vincent King, The Burning by James E. Gunn, Robert Foster.

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Connections: Gustav Klimt and Robert Foster (and Jim Steranko)

Here’s another paperback that I purchased at a recent church rummage sale:


Now, that’s a very strong cover, no doubt, but I think that anyone who is familiar with the work of Gustav Klimt will tell you that the composition of Foster’s illustration owes a clear debt to Klimt’s Medicine (1901), a large-scale ceiling painting that was destroyed in a fire started by the Nazis and is known to us only by a black-and-white photograph of the finished work and a small colour preliminary:

Although at first glance you might be tempted to conclude that, in addition to being inspired by Klimt’s composition, Foster flat-out swiped the figure of the woman suspended in space in the upper-left-hand quadrant of Klimt’s painting, I think a closer comparison of the two figures suggests that what Foster actually did was hire his own model and instruct her to strike a pose similar to one Klimt chose for his model.


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BONUS IMAGE (Added 21 October 2012):

Just came across an illustration (with collage elements) by Jim Steranko, published in 1970, that obviously shares a strong family resemblance with the cover illustration by Foster, published in 1968, featured above:



BONUS IMAGE, TOO (Added 27 October 2012):

I definitely think Foster shot his own reference for the figure of the floating woman in the New Writings in SF4 cover:


Keywords: New Writings in SF4, Infinity One, Thorns.

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Connections: Zurbaran, Dali, Vallejo, Foster

At first, I just planned to post a couple of covers by Robert Foster, scanned by me from my personal collection of SF paperbacks, but I have since decided that it might be more interesting to trace one warm line up through the chain of influence that led to Foster’s arresting illustrations for the front and back covers of Michael Moorcock’s Behold the Man. So here goes:


The typography on the cover of Behold the Man perfectly complements Foster’s painting, don’t you think? The whole package, front and back, is a real stunner!


Since I already scanned Foster’s collage-like Alternities cover, I suppose I might as well post that image, too:


Another strong image, I think.

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Look Here: Two “Ben Gates Mystery” novels, with covers by McGinnis

One bare foot… hm… perhaps it’s a sign… a symbol of some sort… if only I could think what it means…


Sorry about the iffy scan on the second one. The book is a little bit warped, so the scanner created and caught a bit of glare.

BONUS COVER SCAN (added 14 August 2010):

This evening, as I was absent-mindedly browsing the paperback shelves in our basement, I came across a cover by an uncredited artist that had something about it that made me want to include it here…



Flickr > Kyle Katz > Robert Foster Covers

Keywords: Kill Now, Pay Later, Some Like It Cool, In Pursuit of the English.