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Look Here: “Descent” (1977) by Jeffrey Jones

Here’s an image that I gingerly scanned from my personal copy of the legendary Dragon’s Dream book, The Studio, and posted on my tumblr, TRANSISTORADIO, on 27 April 2015:


Not sure if this has been remarked previously, perhaps it has, but it seems clear enough to me that the masked, pregnant woman in Jeffrey Jones’s Descent (1977) was inspired by the old woman in Gustav Klimt’s The Three Ages of Woman (1915):

Jones, of course, painted his own version of the “three ages of woman” (which — I know, I know — has already been identified by numerous Jones fans as an “homage” to Klimt):

2 thoughts on “Look Here: “Descent” (1977) by Jeffrey Jones

  1. Love the blog. Looking at preggers Jeffrey/Catherine Jones image, I’d agree with the idea of it being inspired by a Klimt image, but rather than the old woman with her distended belly, I’d be inclined to think it’s this image:


  2. Sure, why not? I considered that painting before I posted; however, for me the giveaway in Jones’s image is the position and rendering of the legs and feet… also, I like the idea that Jones transformed the old woman into a pregnant woman… if I’m right, it’s a more creative use of reference… if not, not….

    Maybe Jones used both! How’s that for diplomacy?

    Thanks for playing along!


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