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Look There: Most of the Sci-Fi digest illustrations by Jeffrey Jones, published from 1967 to 1975



After I posted the above link, the thought occurred to me that many of those illustrations by Jones are exactly the right proportion for bookmarks. So I used Irfanview to quickly assemble a panoramic image of five of the nicest family-friendly images, added some light grey guidelines so I could cut them out with a box cutter and a metal ruler, printed them off at the highest quality on a full sheet of glossy photo paper, carefully sliced along the guidelines, and basked in the glow of my very own Jones bookmarks.

DIY Jones Bookmarked - trimmed and untrimmed

Here’s my file for you to download and print some bookmarks for yourself, too. Give it a try! If you keep your expectations low, and you have a good printer and good photo paper at your disposal, you just might be pleasantly surprised how nice the bookmarks look when you’re done.

3 thoughts on “Look There: Most of the Sci-Fi digest illustrations by Jeffrey Jones, published from 1967 to 1975

  1. Well… I probably should have left a slightly wider margin around the images in my bookmark JPEG. If you print it off, you’ll see that you need to be quite careful with your cuts.

    Of course, the individual images are available on the Golden Age of Comic Book Stories for anyone to make their own bookmark layout. It’s easy enough… or maybe I should re-do the file…


  2. BTW, I used grey lines rather than crop marks to delineate the cuts because they’re a lot easier to deal with when you’re cutting the shapes out by hand. And if you cut right on the lines, it’s as if they never existed. šŸ™‚


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