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Look Here, Read: “Houndzak” and “Ersatz”


From No Ducks #1 (1977), here’s “Houndzak” by Tim “Moeboxell” Boxell:


And from Imagine #3 (1978), here’s “Ersatz” by under-appreciated comics artist Lee Marrs:

4 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: “Houndzak” and “Ersatz”

  1. There was a Major Grubert parody published in Metal Hurlant special but I think I did not buy this one (with animals face).


  2. The biggest problem with that parody is that the design of Houndzak’s face makes him look more like a rat-man than a dog-man. But the idea that Houndzak is flying around looking for a hydrant to urinate on is a reference back to Moebius’s story “Harzack,” which I posted earlier here at RCN, isn’t it? The artist didn’t just pull the situation out of thin air…


  3. I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t “Like” your page, but perhaps others who do have Facebook accounts will rally to your cause…

    Good luck!


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