3 thoughts on “Connections: Richard V. Corben

  1. I was just re-reading both of this stories… It is an utter shame New Tales is out of print… the cover of Hot Stuff’ is still one of my favorites… the interior story, not so much… Thank you for posting…


  2. Thank you, Jose, for sticking with RCN through what is turning out to be a somewhat precarious transition to the new server. I am hopeful — *knock wood* — that most of the bugs have been ironed out now, but I won’t know for sure until later today.

    BTW, I hope you’ll agree that it’s not only an utter shame that New Tales of the Arabian Nights is out of print but that it’s an utter shame that Bloodstar, Mutant World, Den, The Bodyssey, Corben’s underground comics, etc., etc., are ALL out of print. Maybe the new Creepy Presents Richard Corben — which I believe you did some restoration on, Jose! — will herald a new era of Corben reprints.

    You know, I’ve often thought that some enterprising publisher (Dark Horse?) should try to convince Strnad and Corben to create a new series of graphic novels under the series title New Tales of the Arabian Nights. The first volume could reprint the original graphic novel under the title New Tales of the Arabian Nights: The Last Voyage of Sinbad, and the series could continue from there.

    If Ragemoor is a success, who knows what might happen?


  3. Hi there, of course I am not quitting your site, I love it!
    Corben has been approached by several big comics publishers to reprint his underground work, and unfortunately he has made it very clear that he is not interested.
    I do however dream of a “Omnibus” Strnad/Corben hardcover with New Tales/Mutant World/Son of Mutant World/Jeremy Brood the short stories…. Maybe that can happen.
    Corben does not have the rights for Bloodstar. The ex-editor and maybe Conan Properties do. I have been championing for a reprint… We’ll see….
    And all of us Corben fans dream of a Den Omnibus… Maybe with a new conclusion… I do not know how Corben feels about this, but it would sell like hot cakes…

    You may be interested in knowing that I also restored the Corben stories included in Vampirella Archives Vol. 5…


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