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Look Here: A CONGORILLA splash page with art by Neil Vokes and Jay Geldhof

This morning, I’m going to dip into our collection of original art, and… picking at random… sort of… I’ve got… the opening splash/credit page from Congorilla #3 (January 1993), with pencils by Neil Vokes and inks by Jay Geldhof:


The way that this page came into our possession is not at all interesting, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Back in about 2001, we were looking to buy some original comics art to frame and display in our son’s room, and as I perused the listings on ebay, I noticed that one seller with the screen name “artguy” always seemed to have an interesting selection of all-ages work for sale with very low starting bids. So I found a page I liked, placed several bids, won the auction, and discovered, through experience, that artguy was a very friendly, very reliable seller who didn’t overcharge for shipping! And I guess I got caught up in the process, because I ended up buying quite a few pieces from artguy, including — if memory serves — the Buscema page that I posted earlier.

Anyway, the Congorilla page that you see above was one of FIVE pages that I bought (all for our son’s room, of course!) with pencils or pencils and inks by Neil Vokes. I was not a fan, or even simply a reader, of Congorilla before or after I bought the page, nor was I particularly a fan of Neil Vokes and/or Jay Geldhof. Rather, I bought the page entirely on its own merits, i.e., because I was impressed by the overall design of the image and by the extensive, attractive use of counterchange throughout, because I was amused by contrast between the man’s words — “Death… Death…” — and the deflating exclamation — “HUMBAH!” — from the gorilla (?) in the background, because I thought the boldly lettered headline quotation from the classic children’s bedtime prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep,” gave the tableau a sort of weird edginess that would irritate my in-laws, because I thought that the drawing and text together made a bold statement that would read even from all the way across the room, and, of course, because the price was right!

Unfortunately, I have yet to frame any of the pages that I bought from artguy. But our son will inherit the lot of them… eventually…

And who knows? Maybe… eventually… there will be a grandkid’s room to decorate, although the picture is probably inappropriate for a nursery.

Probably… inappropriate… HUMBAH!

2 thoughts on “Look Here: A CONGORILLA splash page with art by Neil Vokes and Jay Geldhof

  1. Sad to say, Neil, the answer is no. At the time, I didn’t have the money to frame the piece properly — all of my mad money went towards the purchase of more and more art (always at very reasonable prices) — so I put it off, and put it off, and finally, forgot. Sorry!


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