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Look Here: A Conan page with pencils, inks, and tones by John Buscema

I recently built a plywood cabinet that is two-feet deep by three-feet wide by four-feet high, with five adjustable middle shelves and one non-adjustable bottom shelf, as a central location to store original artwork, limited-edition portfolios, a couple of massive art books, full sheets of watercolour paper, etc., which means I am now able easily to shuffle through our collection for items to scan and display here at RCN.

First up is a page of original art by John Buscema from issue #10 of Conan the Savage, a short-lived, black-and-white Conan spin-off series from the mid-1990s; the story is titled “The Necromancers of Na’at.” I bought the page for three main reasons: 1) I had long coveted a page with BOTH pencils and inks by John Buscema; 2) the pencils, inks, and China Marker tones here are ALL by John Buscema, and 3) the price was right. The fact that the page is signed by Buscema didn’t really enter into the equation, but it’s a nice bonus, I think.

Here, take a look:


To be perfectly frank, if I had had unlimited funds, this is not the page I would have selected. Instead, I would have snapped up a Conan the Barbarian page or three from one of those issues where Big John inked his own pencils without the additional China Marker shading. Unfortunately, such pages are prohibitively expensive for low-level collectors like me. So long ago I made up my mind to be happy with the best of what I could and can afford!

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