9 thoughts on “Look There: Twenty-five “New Yorker” covers with art by Lorenzo Mattotti

  1. The fellow who runs entrecomics.com has linked here a bunch of times, so I’m happy to return the favour, especially when a post appears that one doesn’t need to read Spanish to appreciate.


  2. BTW, Li-An, did you notice that your biographical article at Wikipedia is a “stub” and that “you can help Wikipedia by expanding it”? Perhaps if you gave the slave who works on your blog a few more peanuts, your stub would expand tout de suite — and wouldn’t that be fun! 😉

    But seriously, Li-An… I’m beginning to feel like I should apologize for not knowing your work… because I’ve seen enough online to know that there are many people who know your work… so… I’m sorry I don’t know your work… it might have something to do with my monolingual, English-speaking childhood, for which I blame my mono-lingual, English-speaking parents… it might also have something to do with my own linguistic laziness as an adult, for which I have no one to blame but my monolingual, English speaking self… 😉


  3. I did create the article after completing Jack Vance article with my work 🙂 Maybe I could put some more books I made… (where are my slaves ???). Well, if I was an english speaking guy, maybe I won’t do any effort to speak foreign language as english is a convenient common language 🙂


  4. Which slave did draw this ? Don’t remember… (thank you for these kind words. It will be a great honor to see my work on your blog).


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