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Look Here, Read: “The Green Hand” (part 1 of 5), by Claveloux and Zha

The graphic album, “La Main Verte,” by Nicole Claveloux and Elisabeth “Zha” Salomon, published in French in 1978 by Humanoids, was also serialized in English in Heavy Metal. The following is the first of five chapters that appeared in Heavy Metal from August to December 1977 (33 years ago!); I’ve also included the cover by Bernie Wrightson, for comparison and contrast fun:


The moment when the woman says to the flightless, depressed bird, “Get out of here. I’m going to do something desperate,” and then unexpectedly slides through the wall into the ivy-choked apartment next door, leaving her clothes in shreds on the floor, is not only beautifully realized but also, for me, absolutely unforgettable.

Should I post the rest of the story? You tell me.


One thought on “Look Here, Read: “The Green Hand” (part 1 of 5), by Claveloux and Zha

  1. A shame there is no reedition of the comics. The two authors made another story in Métal Hurlant in black and white. Nicole Claveloux just published an erotic illustration books I have to buy. I will probably take a look at her exhibition in Paris in Musée de l’Érotisme (and the same day, Moebius exhibition).


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