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Heads Up: THE CRACKLE OF THE FROST by Mattotti and Zentner

Originally published in 2003 by Seuil, and reprinted earlier this year by Casterman, Lorenzo Mattotti and Jorge Zentner’s Le Bruit du givre will be published in English in July 2012 (according to Amazon) by Fantagraphics under the title The Crackle of the Frost (ISBN-10: 160699543X; ISBN-13: 978-1606995433).

UPDATE (31 December 2011):

Today I added what seems to be the official English-language Fantagraphics cover for The Crackle of the Frost. This may be the first time the cover has been posted at this size on the Web. I won’t say how I managed to get such a scoop, but a scoop I think it is.

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Heads Up: STIGMATA by Lorenzo Mattotti and Claudio Piersanti

In January 2011, Fantagraphics Books plans to release a hardcover edition, in English, of Stigmata, a 192-page, critically acclaimed collaboration between the great Italian illustrator and comics creator, Lorenzo Mattotti, and writer Claudio Piersanti, first published in 1998. As far as I am aware, only two comics by Mattotti, alone or in collaboration, are currently in print in English: 1) Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, with Jerry Kramsky (NBM, 2008), a harrowing adaptation of the famous novella, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by R. L. Stevenson, and 2) Mattotti’s recently re-printed contribution to Fantagraphics’ “Ignatz Series” of deluxe comics, Chimera #1 (2009). So let’s hope that this new reprint, unlike previous efforts, will open the floodgates for more of Mattotti’s amazing work to be brought into print in English — or back into print, as the case may be!