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Heads Up: STIGMATA by Lorenzo Mattotti and Claudio Piersanti

In January 2011, Fantagraphics Books plans to release a hardcover edition, in English, of Stigmata, a 192-page, critically acclaimed collaboration between the great Italian illustrator and comics creator, Lorenzo Mattotti, and writer Claudio Piersanti, first published in 1998. As far as I am aware, only two comics by Mattotti, alone or in collaboration, are currently in print in English: 1) Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, with Jerry Kramsky (NBM, 2008), a harrowing adaptation of the famous novella, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, by R. L. Stevenson, and 2) Mattotti’s recently re-printed contribution to Fantagraphics’ “Ignatz Series” of deluxe comics, Chimera #1 (2009). So let’s hope that this new reprint, unlike previous efforts, will open the floodgates for more of Mattotti’s amazing work to be brought into print in English — or back into print, as the case may be!

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