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Look There: “Idyl” by Jeffrey Jones

I’ve posted a few Idyl strips on this blog in the past, along with one scan of an Idyl original, but here’s your chance to read all 44 Idyl strips (45 pages, total) included in the Dragon’s Dream collection from 1979 (after you click the link, scroll to the bottom of the page). And if you read Spanish (I don’t, and the Google translation leaves a lot to be desired), you’ll also be able (fully, completely) to enjoy a heavily illustrated overview of Jones’s career as one of “those who fled comics.”


And here’s an important tip for you: to bypass the image viewer and open the larger files in Firefox, hold Ctrl down as you left click each image.

And please note, if you haven’t already, that you can read all of the “I’m Age” strips from Heavy Metal right here.

5 thoughts on “Look There: “Idyl” by Jeffrey Jones

  1. Great to see the IDYL scans online! I’ve been after this book for some time, especially the large, original version from 1975, and finally ordered one. Do you know if it contains ALL of the 1972-75 Jeff Jones “Idyl” strips from NATIONAL LAMPOON? For instance, I know that it omits the half-page self-satire “Didyl” by Jones (which can be easily seen online).


  2. I’ve always just assumed that the 1979 Dragon’s Dream collection had all of the strips, but now that you mention it, I’m really not sure if that is ALL of them, and as I don’t own the 1975 collection, I have no way of knowing if the contents of the two are the same or not. I do know, however, that a DVD collection of National Lampoon was published not too long ago, so it would be possible to check without owning the original run of magazines. I’ve thought about purchasing the DVD, but have yet to get off the fence. There was so much dreck published in National Lampoon, I know I’d mostly just skim it for the comics.

    I’m not sure if “Dydl,” featured in an earlier post on Ragged Claws Network, should be considered a part of “Idyl” — probably not — but if I were reprinting the strips, I’d certainly include it if I could.

    As I’ve said before, however, what I’d really like to see is an omnibus hardcover collection of Jeffrey Jones comics, with the complete runs of “Idyl, “Jones Touch” (in colour), and “I’m Age,” at the heart of it, along with as much of Jones’s other work (especially, but not necessarily limited to, Jones’s solo comics, like the work collected in Spasm!) as one could obtain the rights for.

    Paging Kim Thompson at Fantagraphics Books! Please make this happen!


  3. A friend of mine recently acquired the oversized 1975 edition of IDYL, and I can attest to the fact that the scans on the Spanish site that you linked are complete (sans Eric Kimball’s introduction). However, I’m not sure if this or the 1979 Dragon’s Dream edition contain all of the NATIONAL LAMPOON “Idyl” strips that Jones did.

    Yes, I do think IDW or Fantagraphics would be good choices for publishing a Jones comics volume with the content you suggested.


  4. Y’all apear to be stumblin’round without exact information. Having just eyeballed physically all the items mentioned, here are the terse facts:

    NATIONAL LAMPOON (NL Communications) the Idyl series of 1 page strips (5/75 was a 3-D 2 pager); appeared monthly, from Jan. 1972 to Feb. 1976, except 2/72, 9/72, 11/73, 8/74, 10/74, 6/75, 9/75, and 1/76.

    All were also printed, with the exception of the last episode from February 1976, in an oversize trade-paperback book edition from Blue Star in Dec ’75, which also included 2 more episodes [pg 43, and pg 50 which appears to have been done especially for the book] not printed in NatLamp, for a total of 43 episodes [44 pages of strips]

    The smaller sized re-edition of this book from Dragon’s Dream in 1979 added the Feb ’76 episode, for a total of 44 epsiodes [45 pages of strips]

    ME? I blew up that Feb ’76 episode from the Dragon’s Dream book to match the Blue Plate page size, and glued it into the end of the latter book…


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