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Heads Up: Corben Art Sale!

This morning, I received an email announcement that original black-and-white comic art pages by Richard Corben are now up for preview at the Corben Studios Web site and will go on sale on Saturday 29 May 2010, at noon CST. [N.B.: Due to technical difficulties with the secure cart service, the Corben art sale has been stopped today, 29 May 2010, and will be rescheduled. Please consult the Corben site for updated information!] Prices will be posted when the sale goes live, and pages will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis: “the first person to complete the shopping cart, gets the page.” The sale includes pages from Hellboy: The Crooked Man, Aliens: Alchemy, and Rip in Time. Here’s an example of a page you could own:

And one final thought: let’s all hope somebody somewhere has good quality digital scans of all of these pages, with proper backups, because reprints scanned from printed comics always show it, and I don’t mean in a good way!

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