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Look Here: One lovely cover with surrealistic art by Gervasio Gallardo

Yes, once again, a book cover scanned from the library of yours truly, and hey — bonus! — this one is in nice condition:



From Salvador Dali on abstract art…:

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Look Here: MEMORIES OF SURREALISM by Salvador Dali

Published in 1971 by Transworld Art, the print portfolio, Memories of Surrealism, is a fresh and lively distillation of the art of Salvador Dali. Working on an intimate scale, Dali here revisits the major themes and motifs of his art in a remarkably restrained, even analytical mood, and the happy result is a series of sketchbook-style studies that, even after the passage of forty-plus years, look like they could have been produced yesterday.

My understanding is that each of the twelve colour prints in the portfolio is an etching on a photo-lithograph of an original mixed-media work that Dali created with gouache and collage on paper. The prints were all signed by Dali in pencil and were issued unbound in a presentation case along with some descriptive text plates, and all etching plates and lithographic stones were destroyed before the portfolio was released to impose a hard limit on the edition. Enjoy!