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Look Here: Pynchon’s V. with cover art by the great unknown

A couple of weeks of silence, and now here I am, back in the control room of RCN’s online headquarters, poised to post a gallery of one paperback cover, scanned by me mere minutes ago from my personal copy of Thomas Pynchon’s V. Earlier today, I searched high and low online for information about the Bantam Modern Classic edition V. in an attempt to determine if anyone out there knows who produced the uncredited, unsigned cover art, with no luck, none, nothing, zilch, but whatever… I’m going to post it anyway… and then perhaps I’ll offer a copy of the scan to, where the Bantam Modern Classic edition of the book is NOT currently listed:


If anyone out there knows for sure who the artist is here — by itself, the generic 60s illustration style points in any number of directions! — please feel free to post the information in the comments below.

P.S. The hot spot to the left of the figure is not glare from the glossy cover stock; rather, it’s a feature of the illustration.

Look Here: NIGHT OF LIGHT and three others with cover art by Powers

It’s been a while since I last scanned and posted some covers of paperbacks in my personal collection, so let’s give that a try:


In addition to RCN, I’m currently running three tumblr blogs and a twitter feed, and there are days when I think that, perhaps, I have taken on too much…

Keywords: What If? Volume 1 and What If? Volume 2, edited by Richard A. Lupoff; Night of Light by Philip Jose Farmer; The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World by Harry Harrison.

Connections: Jeffrey Jones and the great unknown

Stumbling around on tumblr today, I came across an uncredited image that reminded me of something I had seen before…

If anyone recognizes that photo and can tell me when and where it was published, I’d love to hear from you. And if you have a copy of the publication and could supply me with a better scan, well, that’d be just peachy.

UPDATE (22 June 2015):

Thanks to the inspired efforts of an anonymous reader (see the comments section below), we now have the precise context for Jones’s “reference photo” posted above. The source is a photo layout titled “Secrets From My Diary,” shot by J. Frederick Smith, for the December 1973 issue of VIVA (vol. 1, no. 3). And thanks to the efforts of fans on the VFILES site, we can view the photo in the context of the original NSFW article/layout:


The scans are small, yes, even if you click to enlarge them, but the information is much appreciated. Thanks, hsc!

Look Here: Two SF portrait covers with art by Joseph Lombardero

Neither of the following novels from the collection of yours truly includes a cover credit, and if the art was signed by the artist, the signature has been cropped out by the designer; nonetheless, it seems likely to me that the artist is Joseph Lombardero, whose Sax Rohmer covers were featured here at RCN back in May of this year:


As always, if you think/know that I’ve made an attribution error, I welcome your corrections in the comments.

Keywords: Gone to be Snakes Now by Neal Bell, The Worlds of Poul Anderson by Poul Anderson, Joseph Lombardero.

Look Here: Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason, part 5

This is the fifth post in a row here at RCN to feature a selection of William Teason’s Agatha Christie covers, which brings the total number of Teason scans in our collection to an uneven twenty one. Enjoy!


Keywords: Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective, Murder at the Vicarage, Dead Man’s Mirror, Murder after Hours, and Murder in Meopotamia, by Agatha Christie; William Teason.

Look Here: Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason, part 4

More scans from the collection of yours truly, as usual:


I have enough Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason for one more post, so if you’re a Teason fan, you might want visit RCN again tomorrow for that…

Keywords: The Regatta Mystery, An Overdose of Death, Sad Cypress, and They Came to Bagdad, by Agatha Christie; William Teason.

Look Here: Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason, part 3


Keywords: The Boomerang Clue, The Mysterious Mr. Quin, Appointment with Death, and The Tuesday Club Murders, by Agatha Christie; William Teason.

Look Here: Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason, part 2

Four more scans, fresh off the flatbed:


Two of the above novels — The Moving Finger (NY: Dell, 1968) and N or M? — include the following credit on the back cover: “Cover Illustration: Teason.” The other two covers are uncredited, but I believe they are also by Teason. If not, please let me know.

Keywords: The Moving Finger, N or M?, and Murder in Three Acts, by Agatha Christie; William Teason.

Look Here: Agatha Christie mysteries with cover art by William Teason, part 1

The cover art for the following mystery novels is uncredited, and I don’t see any sign of a signature, but my understanding is that the artist here is William Teason:


If my attribution of the above covers to Teason is incorrect, please feel free to post the proper attribution in the comments section below this post. I have quite a few more Agatha Christie mysteries with covers in a similar vein that I plan to scan and post in the very near future, so if the artist here is NOT Teason, I’d prefer to make the correction sooner rather than later…

Keywords: Murder on the Links, The Big Four, The Mysterious Mr. Quin, The Tuesday Club Murders, by Agatha Christie, William Teason.

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