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Connections: Frank Frazetta and Arthur Suydam

ABOVE: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Back to the Stone Age (NY: Ace, 1978), with cover art by Frank Frazetta.
ABOVE: Art Suydam, Mammoth (1980).
ABOVE: Frank Frazetta, Mammoth (1974).

I scanned the cover of Back to the Stone Age by Edgar Rice Burroughs, with pulse-poundin’ art by Frank Frazetta, from the copy of the paperback edition in my personal library.

Arthur Suydam’s Mammoth was published as a poster/print in both an unsigned and a signed and limited edition by Glimmer Graphics in 1990. I borrowed the image of Mammoth from the Glimmer Graphics site.

Suydam’s stories in Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated were among the best those magazines had to offer.

Frazetta, of course, is Frazetta.


ABOVE: Frank Frazetta, Stone Age [Mammoth and Sabre-Toothed Cats] (1964).
ABOVE: Frank Frazetta, Tyrannosaurus and Cavemen (n.d.)
ABOVE: Ken Kelly, Mammoth and Cavemen (1991).

Perhaps those “Bonus Images” ought to have been a “Connections” post all on their own.

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