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Heads Up: BETTER THINGS t-shirts, with art by Jeffrey Jones

Don’t delay! The donation deadline is Thursday 28 February 11:59PM PT.

Well, folks, the deadline for donations to the Indiegogo fundraiser for Maria Paz Cabardo’s documentary film Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones is fast approaching. So far, the donation level that includes the 64-page art book, film DVD, and postcard set has been the most popular with Jones fans, with the level that includes the DVD by itself running a close second, but now, with only five days to go, producer/director Maria Cabardo has unveiled a very tempting new perk at the $55.00 level ($65.00 international): a t-shirt with art by Jeffrey Jones. And you don’t have just one design from which to choose; there are several. Take a look:


Now, the price may seem a bit high for a mere t-shirt, but keep mind that the main point here is to support a film about an artist whose work you love, not outfit the kids for school — although there are definitely kids (as well as adults) out there who would love one of those t-shirts! Rather, the t-shirts and other merchandise are merely Maria’s way of thanking you for your donation. And where else are you going to get a t-shirt with art by Jeffrey Jones on it, anyway? Nowhere, that’s where!

Colour and size options for the t-shirts are listed on the site, but if you don’t see a colour you like or the size you need, simply ask Maria about other options. Keep in mind, however, that Maria has recommended neutrally coloured fabrics (and white) because they work best for the full-colour artwork, which a commercial printing company will reproduce on the t-shirts by “ink transfer.” The images are not decals or iron-ons, which sit on the surface of the fabric and tend to flake away over time; rather, “the ink is transferred and is absorbed by the shirt and is completely washable and blends well after several washings.” Of course, the designs that feature Jones drawings in black ink — the “I’m Age” strip or the gorilla, for instance — would look great on a t-shirt of almost any colour. But, again, ask Maria about your options. You can contact her via the Indiegogo site or her twitter feed.

So visit the Better Things Indiegogo home page and donate today!


Please note that the Better Things fundraiser is a “flexible funding campaign,” so all of the money raised goes to the film — and everyone who donates will receive their chosen perks/rewards — regardless of the total amount of money raised by the deadline.

And please ALSO note: the cost of delivering the various perks/rewards at the various donation levels is going to substantially reduce the amount of money that Maria actually receives from the fundraiser, so the more money raised, the better. SPREAD THE WORD!

Don’t delay! The donation deadline is Thursday 28 February 11:59PM PT.

3 thoughts on “Heads Up: BETTER THINGS t-shirts, with art by Jeffrey Jones

  1. Hey, Better Things is available now as a digital download from Myfilmblog dot com (it’s not my blog – it’s an actual indie film site). Very excited to discover this – but I can’t comment yet on the quality, it’s just downloading now.


  2. Ok. I’ve seen it now, and I can say in every regard the quality is excellent – the film of course, but also the video download. You don’t have to become a member if you just want to download to own (a point that confused me for some time) – simply click the Download button, it sends you to Paypal where you fork over $20.00, and it downloads very fast, in 720 even! Glad I took the chance.


  3. I haven’t seen the Jones documentary yet, because I’m still waiting for my donation-perk DVD. Great to know that the film is worthwhile, however. And that it is easily available online to Jones fans who missed out on the fundraiser. Thanks for posting, Mikey!


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