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Look Here: Another three Zebra/Kensington REH paperbacks with cover art by Jeffrey Jones

One of the highest of the many high points of Jeffrey Jones’s career as a cover illustrator was the magnificent series of large-scale oil paintings the artist produced for the Zebra Books reprints of the works of Robert E. Howard. I’ve posted eleven of Jones’s wraparound covers so far, and today I’m back with three new ones — A Gent from Bear Creek, Pigeons from Hell, and The Undying Wizard — which I recently acquired:


If Jones produced covers for more than fourteen Zebra/Kensington collections of the works of Robert E. Howard, I would be interested to hear the news, because as far as I am aware, fourteen titles is the complete set.

The other eleven Zebra/Kensington REH paperbacks with cover art by Jones that I’ve scanned and posted here at RCN can be viewed via the following links:

Look Here: Three more Zebra/Kensington REH paperbacks, with cover art by Jeffrey JonesThe Incredible Adventures of Dennis Dorgan, The Lost Valley of Iskander, The Iron Man.

Look Here: Another couple of R.E.H. covers, with wraparound art by JonesTigers of the Sea, The Second Book of Robert E. Howard.

Louise Simonson on Frank Frazetta, Jeffrey Jones, and photo reference…The Vultures of Whapeton.

Look Here: Three more R.E.H. covers, with wrap-around art by JonesWorms of the Earth, Sword of the Gael, The Book of Robert E. Howard.

Look Here: Two Zebra/Kensington REH covers, with art by Jeffrey JonesThe Sowers of the Thunder, Legion from the Shadows.


As luck would have it, I have two excellent copies of The Vultures of Whapeton in my collection of mouldering pulp fiction. I scanned one of the copies back on 12 February 2012 and posted the result here, and I like the scan well enough, but since I’m in a scanning mood at the moment, I think I’d like to try again. So here, just for fun, is a scan of my other copy:

Keywords: Breckinridge Elkins, A Gent from Bear Creek, Pigeons from Hell and Other Weird and Fantastic Adventures, Cormac Mac Art, The Undying Wizard, The Vultures of Whapeton.

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