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Look Here: Three more R.E.H. covers, with wrap-around art by Jones

From my very own collection of crispy-crunchy sf-and-f paperbacks, here are three more classic Zebra/Kensington covers, with wrap-around art by Jeffrey Jones, whose new book, Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art (IDW), is available in stores now, in both regular and signed/numbered editions:


To view a pair of Zebra/Kensington Robert E. Howard paperbacks with cover art by Jeffrey Jones that I posted earlier, click here.

Keywords: Worms of the Earth, Sword of the Gael, The Book of Robert E. Howard, Bran Mac Morn, Cormac Mac Art.

2 thoughts on “Look Here: Three more R.E.H. covers, with wrap-around art by Jones

  1. Hi, I’ve been watching your blog since months, and I’m always glad to see new posts. Thanks for this scans. Keep up the good work !


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