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Look Here, Read: “A Kiss to Remember,” with art by Garcia-Lopez

From the Charlton romance comic, Time for Love #18 (September 1970), here’s “A Kiss to Remember” with uncredited but signed comic art by Spanish artist, José Luis García-López, who was only about 22 years old at the time but was undoubtedly already turning the heads of American comics editors and readers alike with an attractive, naturalistic fine-line style that aficionados would immediately have recognized as falling squarely within the Alex Raymond/Leonard Starr/Stan Drake school of comics photorealism:


I’m not a big fan of comics photorealism, but when I accidentally come across accomplished but uncredited artwork like the above in an otherwise lacklustre Charlton romance comic, I am compelled to find out who the artist is, though in this instance, it was easy: I recognized the signature!

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